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Ask any successful internet business owner what is the most important factor that determines their company’s success and they will tell you it involves driving traffic to their site and converting those visitors into sales on an increasing basis. In the internet business world, the number of sales relative to the total number of visitors is known as the “sales conversion rate.” The importance of a good sales conversion rate cannot be overstated. So creativity in your marketing strategy is a must.One of the newer innovations in UK internet marketing is the use of online promotional videos to sell products or services. The ever-increasing popularity of using videos is evidenced in the fact that Black Friday and Cyber Monday both set all-time sales records based on video views involving the major retailers. Interestingly enough, video is one of only a few marketing strategies that work regardless of the industry niche they are targeting.

On further examination, we find that there are several types of video marketing strategies that can be integrated into a company’s overall marketing plan:

Entertainment – shows the more human side of your brand
How-to – instructs the viewer how to use your products or services
Informational – explains the newest benefits, features, solutions, and troubleshooting tips
Promotional – showcases the products or services you sell
Testimonial – features clients who are pleased with your products or services
Thought leadership – provides viewers with new and useful industry-relevant information

Although there are other ways in which videos can be used to help you sell, videos are also beneficial when corporations use them as employee training tools. Videos are also a key component in UK website development projects.

The following is a list of techniques for using videos to promote your brand and the products or services that you sell:

• Customize a personality for each of your products or services.
• Demonstrate how your products or services work and why consumers should buy them.
• Make the brand experience Priority #1.
• Tell a story about your company and products or services and embed videos to animate it.
• Use the least amount of narration possible, keeping it simple and to the point.

Any savvy salesperson knows that consumers buy from companies or individuals that they know and trust. You can connect with your prospects and target audience in a way that isn’t possible with e-mails, phone calls, or texts. Remember, it’s all about selling yourself first and then selling your product or service.