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I got a friend add from Lynette Young on Facebook this morning, which made me smile for the day, who wouldn’t? In her Facebook profile she has this coloured bar chart indicating her personality type, which took my interest. The test comes from

Now I have to say right off the bat here, I’m a Proud Cornishman, a fearless Celt, so talk of self-help and analysis of personality always seems really boring and so very far away from what interests me, I know my traits and strengths, but for some reason this little chart took my interest, so I gave it a go. The outcome didn’t reveal any surprises but I thought that by doing this test would be a great way for me to share with you who I am, with some more depth.

What I am really keen on hearing is if these results, which I can confirm to concur with my perceptions of me, coincide with your perceptions of me. Perhaps you know me in real life, do these traits ring true, perhaps you know me through virtual connections or random micro-blogging, do those small words of text enable you to appreciate my traits?

Let’s have a look at the results.

So in this first image my answers to the test have been calculated so I am an “Advocating Leader”, which I agree with.

This next image is kinda neat which indicates I am very masculine, confident, do not trust you one bit you bastard, particularly if you try to be an authority with me, and well you better be functional or I’ll kick yo ass, as I’m earthy!

In all seriousness though I think it’s a pretty neat round-up.

This image indicates how I relate to others, which is interesting when I see these points mapped out in a concise way.

Lastly this image indicates how my traits correspond to leadership.

So I’ve gone ahead and added the little horizontal DNA indicator to my Facebook Profile, and I’m hoping you might comment on all of this, have you analysed yourself recently?