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So what is a sales funnel?

I got asked this last night by someone who actually carries out social media for a client…. Seeing that is the case (which is not untypical) I thought I’d share the intro section to our Sales Funnel course as it should be informative if you do not know what a sales funnel is.

Simply put a sales funnel refers to a buying process that we lead prospects (or customers) through when they are purchasing products. ??

However, in the context of a social media consultancy I recommend you implement a sales funnel in order to encourage prospects to make an appointment with you (automated appointments) – when you can then use a face-to-face (F2F) sales process to sell your high value service. ?‍?

So the outcome is not always a sale, but there is always an outcome, a goal, if you will. ?

We call this a funnel because generally what happens is that a lot of people enter the top of the funnel, and a small percentage drop out of the bottom of the funnel – the action takers. ?

Without being overly dramatic, without a sales funnel in place your social media clients will never make a dollar online, and they will soon get bored of you just bringing vanity metrics such as Facebook likes, whereas at the heart of it they will typically always want sales, a return on their investment. That’s your job to help them with, to consult on the best approach for their business. ?

So your focus should be to move your client’s prospects from one place to another, to an eventual sale, and in fact if you do not do this, you will be doing your clients a disservice.

In fact the journey you craft for the client’s prospect could be short or extremely long, very simple or very complex. However you build it the key element is that you should have a plan of that journey, you should know what the goal is, it is that goal that you can use to sell your services to your own prospects/clients.

I will go further and say that when a perfectly crafted sales funnel is created and implemented with suitable advertising and messaging, it can take a business literally from nowhere to a multi-million dollar business very very rapidly. ???

What if you could do that for your clients?

Indeed what if you set up a profit share on a sales funnel you create for a client, and the sales funnel explodes? There is a huge amount of potential within this space for that to happen. ??

However, though I will discuss the mechanics of differing sales funnels in this course, the really important bit is the messaging and copy that is used throughout the steps. After all, it is how we communicate with our target audience, what we say, and when we say it that matters. ?‍?

So do not assume that getting the mechanics in place will suddenly flood your clients with leads, you must study the art of copy and messaging for your client’s target customers. ?

In addition some of the best converting sales funnels are actually visually pretty ugly, and that is often because there is just a simple message and call to action on a single page of each step. ?