You may have heard me say this before, but really, websites do not have a divine right to rank highly in search engines, particularly Google.

Why not?

This is easily answered by stating that websites need a few things in order to rank well.

  1. The technology used to make them
  2. The TEXT used throughout the site
  3. The frequency with which you update the website with content
  4. Incoming links

There is more to it than that, but let me break these fourĀ things down very simply.

1. The Technology

What I mean here is how the website is built in terms of structure, and what it displays in the background to a search engine. A search engine does not see the pretty front-end of the website a customer sees. This is the what a search engine spider sees:


Looks like Greek to you eh?

Don’t worry if it does, that’s normal, but for Google it make a LOT of sense and gives key indications, or instructions about your website. So let’s assume you have the technology sorted.

2. The Text

This is HUGELY important. This basically means, and I’ll simplify it, the more text the better your ranking will be. But, I’ll go further, the more specific your text to a specific subject, or set of “key words” the better you’ll rank. Pictures have very little influence at all on the ranking. Think text and lots of it.

3. The Frequency

Google likes it when you update your site regularly, it then knows two things. a) you are serious, b) your site is an authority within its niche, as you have so much content about the niche.

4. Incoming Links

This is simply the amount of links pointing at your website from other sites. If those other sites are on topic, even better. The more you have (quality ones) the better you’ll rank.


I’ve over simplified, but it’s for a reason.

To rank well, you have to publish lots of content, and do it regularly. I always suggest a strategy that you can schedule into your working week, perhaps the same time every week for example. Of course if you are too busy you buy SEO services which basically do the above for you.