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I am chairing an Edu panel at Podcamp NYC April 26 with the title of “Web 2.0 in Edu – Strengths and Issues

We have Hilary Mason and Joyce Bettencourt joining us and we are looking for another two or three academics/support/admin/manager types, hopefully people with some opposing views and in various roles within a large institution, or operating within strict IT policies, or cultures opposed to change.

The event is informal with the panel being an interactive conversation with the participants (audience), where we will dig into positive and negative experiences with the aim of sharing good practice.

If you are interested please do email me.

I have a head full of both issues and strengths but let’s use this space for anything that immediately springs to your mind, in terms of the title. So what do you think the strengths are and what do you think the issues are? What can you share about this that I can take with me to NYC?

UPDATE : 18.04.06 – Christine Cavalier is also now joining us on the panel.

UPDATE : 18.04.08 – I was directed to a large collection of lWeb2.0 inks on shambles, which I have also listed here as some of these are so good I wanted to ensure they were in my site’s database links tables (I can use them site-wise). In addition I will more than likely update this list from time to time.

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