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So the summer is basically upon us, certainly here in UK we are having daylight up to around 10pm, which I so love. Naturally my thoughts go out to those of you who work in reverse such as the Australians, but then again you beat the Brits at Cricket so you can’t have it all.

So as summer is here, now is the time to start relaxing and making the most of your friends and acquaintances, spending time outside, on the beaches, fields, lakes, wherever. We have almost finished another cohort of students and examinations are pending, so I wish to send my best wishes out to those of you that relates to, and also want you to remember there is light at the end of the tunnel!

I’m a fan of keeping in contact with all ex-students no matter from where they come or go, the world is a fairly small place really and you never know when paths may cross again, so I do ask you to stay I touch with me personally. I can be found on many social networks, where a quick email or IM, or poke, nudge, wink, will get to me somehow.

I met one of my ex-students who studied at this passed week, Mike O’Hara, Mike has gone on to launch his own business known as Voices in Business which is a Podcast service for business experts, he really is on the way up to great things. It was so good to catch up with Mike and hear about how things are progressing for him and his business since being a student with us.

These types of relationships should be welcomed and fed, in the business of entertainment and music, it really is about having really good friends, in fact I think in almost all the media related niche subjects this is true, do you?

So if you have not yet found me on a social network pop along here and choose one, I’ll be waiting for you.