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I tried out the service Utterz today, and whilst it asks for a USA number to create an account I manage to get around that by using one of my skype-in numbers, the Amercian one naturally.

Anyway this service is pretty cool in that you can upload a bunch of media and create a post, which also can be tied into other social networking services, such as Twitter, for example.

The service reminds me a little of AudioBlogger (no longer in existance) which I use to use back in 2005. You call in, talk and the message would be converted to an mp3 and posted onto your Blogger Blog.

In fact we used (we as in me and students from AC) quite effectively for a while to build a sense of community back in 2005, kind of missed it when they pulled the plug on it.

Anyway here we go have a listen and tell me what you think.