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Apple recently released a new version of firmware for the Pod, it’s the only thing I own by Apple, and as I didn’t buy it I don’t have a power supply.

Yeah so, you say, what’s the big deal?

Well the infuriating thing with downloading the new iPod firmware through iTunes and onto the iPod is that once the firmware is installed a wonderful message presents itself saying you must now “flash the firmware” by plugging your iPod into a wall outlet!

This is apparently standard practice, and I guess, is something to do with having a steady current applied to complete the update (no a USB trickle won’t do it).

Needless to say I send out thanks to Nick and Stu who kindly gave me a flash
with their equipment!

By the way this really is typical of Apple and their rigid closed loop concept, don’t you think? – having to have another apple only component!