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The great website design hoaxIn an age where the Internet is considered the most reliable source of relevant information, businesses, both big and small, are responding to this fact by making sure that their online presence does not only generate traffic, but that website visits translate into a sale or signup for a service. It’s interesting that one of the very first things that a company considers regarding websites is “design”.

Indeed people will often search for “website design” or “website designers”, it seems this is programmed into the psych of so many people where they think that design is the point of a website – let me tell you this, it ain’t!

OK, sure design plays a part, of an overall strategy, but it’s only one quarter at best, and in fact can be even far less than that depending on the PURPOSE OF THE WEBSITE.

Search Engine Optimization

These days, a website owner should not only focus on how their pages are presented to their website visitors. It has become a priority that their websites come on the first few pages of search results. It starts with coming up with the right content. By picking out the right keywords, websites can stand out in search results and Internet users can start taking notice. Having the right kind of content that is reliable and consistently updated would make visitors come back. This could lead to an email subscription, a participation in a survey, or even a sale; either way, the website visit has generated action from the target audience that is beyond reading the content. – GENERATED VISITORS!

User Experience

With more Internet users owning smartphones and tablets, it is equally important for them to be able to browse their favourite websites through these gadgets. For website visitors, it enhances their user experience when they can see through their mobile phone or tablet exactly what they see when they are browsing through their personal computers. Moreover, an excellent web design loses its touch when visitors get lost in navigating through the page. Regardless of how attractive the webpage is, if the user cannot get the information he needs because he cannot navigate through the website, it defeats the purpose of having a well-designed website.

Copy Writing

More businesses are giving focus on how their ideas are presented in their websites. With carefully selected keywords and well-researched materials, their websites are sure to generate traffic. At times, having the right content material is half the task. Information must also be presented in an organized and cohesive manner to allow its readers to understand exactly what the company is communicating. The choice and organisation of words contribute to effective copy writing. No matter how accurate the information is, if it gives its readers a hard time to understand it, a website would definitely have a challenge in retaining its audience.

A well-designed website is indeed an effective marketing strategy. However, the real challenge lies on how to keep visitors coming back, referring it to their peers, and actually taking an action on what they have viewed or read. This is where the above mentioned factors come in and contribute to the success of a marketing strategy.

So, don’t be fooled by the great website design hoax, get something that is joined up!