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Today was a lot of fun following a reasonably good sleep (which has not been something that has been available so frequently over the last six months).

The day was fun as we had a Foomanchoux rehearsal to iron out a few kinks in the set. Our vocalist Ross wasn’t available due to an eye injury following a firewood chopping incident yesterday- I know, seriously, it sounds so Spinal Tap, but so very true. Today then we focused on some of bass parts to help bed in our new bass player Sam. We cracked on with “A Little Less Conversation” and worked out some pretty darn funky parts for that and also had a re-listen to the guitar parts, where Ollie brought in some higher register funk chordal fun. All in all splendid and a big improvement to the tune, which grooves along so much better now.

I’m pretty tired now and chilling out watching some TV, well and typing this.

How was your Sunday then?