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o today was a fabulous day for a few things.

I got up quite early when the sun was rising and did a fair amount of reading whilst the house was quiet (and hung over).

Being a non drinker now for most of this year I did feel kind of smug about that.. but that’s a story for another time but the benefits of that?? OMG huge!

Having read for a while the kids started to appear and I got them fed in due course by taking them out for a breakfast up the local restaurant.

It was then time for some exercise which saw me get a decent quantity of swimming done.

The afternoon was super good with a couple of hours of planning on our courses.

Most of that planning revolved around measuring what is important to us, which in a nutshell is results for our students.

In fact that’s the primary measurement of success for us.

Student results.

We have a growing FB group with some amazing people in where we tend to drive some of the focus.

Let me know if you want to join, or alternatively you’ll find the link in my bio.

Essentially if you want a career as a Social Media Consultant I want to know about it because we can help you accomplish that.

This is also true if you are a Social Media Manager, because in this case you have the potential to earn a lot more money for a lot less work by transforming into a consultant.

We’ve also opened up the entire Academy for a low monthly fee. This will make over 16K worth of course available to you at your finger tips as of right now!

We’re on a mission.