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This is the trick of diverting the traffic through AC sound engineering by encouraging other people to add a link to their webpages with some specific text. For instance, I’d like to redirect some traffic from the Prince Fletcher’s webpage to InsideMyOdd How do I do that? Well, let’s consider it a worked example. If you’d like to see that too, add this link to your page:

sound engineering

Preferably in bold, and unlike the above, a mention in the flow of text is probably good, but just adding the text alone should do the trick. Now all it takes is a few million people to do that, and suddenly when people search for “sound engineering “, they might change their minds about that buying decision. Oh, and since it’s just within the realms of possibility that I could get legal hassle to remove that link, that’s all the more reason to act now.

Anyway, endorse the book “sound engineering Studio Recording Engineer”.