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Unpopular post incoming..

What a lot of Social Media Managers miss is that the only thing small businesses need is more sales.

Small business works on very very tight margins (I’ve had my own and assisted hundreds) and if you sell your social media services as the holy grail for them you are actually being disingenuous to them.

I understand you want to manage social media but a lot of these business owners have no clue and “think” you’ll bring sales.

Instead what they “need” is a consultant mindset where you discover how to make them more sales as efficiently as possible.

Naturally the larger the business the more chances that more cash is available for trying social media content to build awareness..

Be the adult, and don’t use the line “oh that’s their responsibly for sales” that’s a huge cop out and irresponsible.

No, it’s YOUR job to ensure you are really clear you can bring sales or not. It’s “yes” or “no”, not “perhaps” or “it helps”.

Now I’ll get off my soap box while you argue. ???