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Let’s have some fun with this.

This job is actually for a real salaried position, so think hard for me, let’s pull our heads together and see what we can come up with.

I’m quite happy to witness a discussion take place around what you suggest, while at the end of the comments I will make a summary, which will form the basis (or not, depends what you come up with) for the job description.

Remember on this site you can reply to my post, or reply to anyone else’s post very easily, this may help you focus and get the others talking a little.

The job is multi-faceted, typically for a new graduate in the media/computer/digital field, and requires a few “branches” of expertise not all of which I am listing here.

No here, I am just interested in the “social” bit and what you feel a Social Media Jedi knight might engage in, what activities, where, how and why?

So I would like to hand this over to you now, and I am very interested to hear about what you think someone that has to operate in this space ought to be doing, and also perhaps how. Please try to backup any of your suggestions with a “why”.

Thanks, let’s crack on eh?