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One of the most intriguing phenomena in the internet business community is social media marketing, a process or technique that is used to gain the attention of the consumer and increase internet traffic through the use of social media websites. Many online business owners today have taken advantage of UK social media help services to incorporate this type of strategy into their overall marketing endeavours. In most cases, social media marketing platforms focus on creating content that attracts the interest of the consumer who in turn shares this information through the social media networks they are involved in.

Social media marketing has become an important component of online business advertising and the success or failure of this type of strategy is measured by how effectively the message spreads from one consumer to the next. In a sense, you could call it electronic word-of-mouth advertising since the consumer uses the Internet to share this information by using certain media such as:

• News and video feeds
• Social networks
• Websites

These different social networking avenues can be used to advertise products or services, build brand recognition, and inform people of pending events taking place both online (like sales) or in-person (like fundraising galas, etc.). The most common social media platform that consumers use today is the smartphone, which most people use to access the different social networking websites while on the go.

Consumers are able to interact with one another through these different channels while businesses are able to communicate their message to the consumer through them. Compared to the traditional methods of outbound advertising and marketing, interaction through social media is much more personal. Social networking blogs and websites allow individuals to forward or repost the business’s message and other consumer comments. In so doing, the message is repeated over and over thereby reaching a much larger audience in the process. As a result, business websites gain more visitor traffic.

Not only does social media marketing build brand recognition and market awareness, it is a great way to communicate with your current clients/customers as well as attract new business. By utilizing social media, your exposure will not be limited to those consumers that already do business with you and follow your posts; it’ll go to friends of friends and so on, opening up a massive audience. Plus, this form of marketing is often one of the more cost-effective advertising tools when you compare it to the more traditional electronic and print marketing formats.