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Apparently I have been nominated to be on the Social Media Club Interim Board.

I’m not really into begging for votes, or asking for the popularity contest cup, in fact I detest that. However, this might be a really good thing to be included in from a devil’s advocate stance.

If you read my blog semi-regularly you’ll know I am one of those who likes to probe and seek some proof and sense of balance, particularly in social media circles. Fact is I am not a fan of evangelising in any niche at all, I find that self-perpetuating nonsense to be very dangerous and lacking in critical analysis.

SO, if you think I’d bring a balanced view to this area and would be of use as a sobering force, please do go ahead and vote me in, I’d relish challenging some of the evangelists, balance is needed in order to bring about a strong group of thinkers, you always need balance.

Vote for Hambly