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Social Media in Business the one day conference is just a mere three weeks away.

I’m really looking forward to this one on a few levels.

1. it is a conference which has a star-studded line-up of speakers who are at the coal-face of social media who will share their case-studies and gems of information.
2. it has attendees whom are new to social media who are having conversations along the lines of “we need to get into youtube” or “what’s happening in facebook”. i.e people not in the echo chamber. This is a very good thing!
3. the networking potential of this conference is significant where new relationships will be forged and additional ideas and strategies formed.
4. top tucker for lunch (it’s a very swanky hotel, what can I say)
5. I get to wear my best suit and polished shoes (no really I dig that)

So it seems many levels I’m interested in here.

Pop over and register your ticket and let’s meet up.

Social Media in Business Conference

UPDATE: This has been postponed to 2009