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… well it’s not really an article about the Sharp 903 MMS settings but it is an article to blog up the fact I have one.

The Sharp 903 being the super cool 3.2 mega pixel phone camera with a 2x optical zoom. The cell phone is big news for that reason alone being about the first to hit the market as far as I’m aware.

I’ve been blogging some pictures up to The Phone Cam Mobile Blog site to make some comparisons and tests.

Currently I have had success by setting this up through the e-mail method, which is a slight pain due to the fact that the mail goes through the vodafone mail servers (my current contract) and also costs for the GPRS air time, which is small cost but still a cost.

I’ll be looking at unlocking the phone shortly and figuring out a way to use a third party server and send pics to the site for free….