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What is the one thing that unifies each and every search engine user across the United Kingdom?

Although some search engines are vastly more popular than others, that isn’t the answer. Nor is there any particular response about demographics that will characterise every possible user.

The answer, however, is much simpler than it may appear at first.

All users who type something into a search engine want the same thing, even if it initially seems that their interests are wildly different.

And what they want is this: Answers.

Answers Are The New Currency Of The Internet

Even search engines themselves are beginning to change so that “answers” are in the foreground. Over the last few months, you may have noticed that search engine responses are becoming more dynamic and incorporating new information.

Now, when you type in the name of a famous person in certain popular search engines, you’ll notice the website goes to greater lengths to “guess” who you are thinking of before you finish typing. Likewise, it directs you to rich multimedia content and encyclopedic resources that were not evident before.

That raises the question: How can you capitalise on this new trend?

Make Your Site Answer-Oriented to Help Your Customers Find What They Need

Although it would be difficult to become a search engine’s result of choice when searching for a famous person’s name, there are still many questions that your site might be able to rank very successfully for. These questions are the essence of your “authority” in your chosen niche.

Finding the perfect questions means utilising the concept of the “long tail search.”

A long tail search is a relatively long keyword phrase — consisting of three or more words. For example, the phrase “how to soft boil an egg” would be a long tail keyword phrase that happens to be stated as a question.

While it probably will not be very profitable for you to explain how to soft boil an egg, the right UK Internet marketing company can help you determine what long tail questions apply best to you — including those that incorporate your products or service names within them.

Zoom In On The Right Customers With Geo-Targeted Long Tail Search

You can further subdivide your UK search results by targeting specific localities, which allows you to get deeper into the mindset of your potential customers.

The more precisely you are able to narrow down your questions and attach them to an equally well-defined target market, the more effective your site will be.

To get better results, consider the kinds of questions your ideal customers are asking — then make your site a place where they can find thorough, trustworthy answers.