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So I am thinking I need to get my PhD mind-set back on track.

It’s been too long “off the boil” and now is a probably a good time to start working towards formalising more thoughts. I’m in a place where I can more than likely establish strong connections with study and professional practise.

My Masters is in the field of Educational Technology, specifically focussed on distance learning, and my PhD is likely to also be in a similar field, though possibly slanted with a little curvature towards non-educational environments too.

PhDs are not for the faint hearted, but my heart is strong and this is a challenge for me, not for you. I think it is very important to understand that, you know, the reasons we embark on journeys, what are the motivators, what is the point?

Understanding motivational reasons for study can in fact help you discover a great deal about yourself. For example study for me is basically concerned with two key motivators.

  • The research enables me to more effective in my career (both strategic understanding and practical doing)
  • The research gives me a sense of inner-challenge (I’m not interested in waving my qualifications at you, but I want to prove to myself I am capable)
  • Your own explicit or implicit reasons are something you can all ponder on..