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Online marketing is the future of marketing in the UK, and we at Audana know the importance of a strong online presence. The benefits of online marketing are best seen on a global scale, as any type of business or company can be seen by a global audience easily when marketing their services or products online, and the marketing campaigns that are the most creative are the ones that stand out in the minds of the consumer.

Online marketing also allows you to reach your audiences while they are in their ultimate comfort zone, as they can see your marketing campaigns from the comfort of their home on their own computer. This allows you to market yourself in a way that does not feel abrasive or intrusive to the consumer because their normal lives are not being disrupted by the presence of your campaign.

This modern technical age has also changed the way that consumers actively look for services and goods, making it even more important that online marketing techniques are taken advantage of. In a recent study, it was shown that 61% of Internet users around the globe search for products or services online before going to other sources, and the results they find will be from companies who value their web presence.

One way to effectively build a web presence is through social media, and small businesses all around the UK have found that having a social media presence not only allows them to market their goods to a very broad audience, it also actively helps them to attract new customers. In a recent survey, 69% of polled consumers around the globe said that they would be more likely to use the services of a local business if that business has information available on a social media website, and this statistic is not surprising when one considers how many people use social media on a day to day basis. Over 1 billion people sign in to social media websites each and every day, and building a strong social media presence allows any business to tap into this market and place themselves where potential customers may easily discover or remember them on a regular basis.

At Audana, we know how to properly execute UK Internet marketing, and we can build your business web presence that is sure to get you noticed. If you think your business could use a stronger web presence, contact us today!