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This is such a blast it has me addicted.

Ok so again I’m stumbling on sites and this one has me all excited.

And why is that then you say? .. well I’ll tell you, this service gives you a few knobs to tweak concerning your musical selection, YOU select your music stream based on your own current mood, and once you’ve selected you get presented with a beautiful graphical representation of the mood with interlinked connectivity to various artists, it’s like a cloud map for your music.

Out of screen shot on the left is a panel with four words, dark, calm, energetic, positive, with what seems and infinite (not sure how infinite) amount of spaces between the four terms. You can also filter genres, and decades, BUT I love it best with full channels open!

What I love about this service the most though, is that it affords the user a level of discovery, you will come across tracks you may have never heard of YOURSELF, you’ll be presented with newness, chosen by YOURSELF.

I like that, what do you think?