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If you do not use Twitter, this post will probably not strike a chord with you, but then again just imagine these things being repeated over and over in a particular online channel.

OK, so I’m sure I must repeat myself too, I must use phrases that are “pet” phrases that I throw around and probably annoy you too. However, these are this week’s non-me-likey phrases that I hear constantly on Twitter.

As I started writing this I asked the people of Twitter themselves so the list morphed into many users dislikes, not just mine. The user who stated the dislike is after the @ symbol.

1. “Spare a Digg for” @audio – I mean seriously, no, back-off with the begging. There is not cat in hells chance of me supporting something just cause you told me too, forget it.

2. “Wow I have xxx many followers” @audio – who gives a damn, this isn’t a popularity contest.

3. “My Top 10 Lists” @audio – hehe, yeah I know I’ve just contradicted myself. But Top is one of those words which too narrow. Top means nothing unless you know the parameters which make it “top” grrrr.

4. “What is the best” @audio – Umm I thought best was a subjective word, you need to define best.

5. “I’m soooo busy with over a million emails to action in my inbox” @dominiccampbell

6. “Need Caffeine” @chrishoskin

7. “For me, it’s any Tweet which poses a question – and then when you reply, the originator doesn’t answer!” @dungeekin

8. “disliked? the Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz -tweet. annoying” @vanmaanen

9. “For me it’s constant “New Blog Post: urlblahblah”, dammit have a conversation even if it is one about coffee.” @GJD

10. “Basically “Auto-Twits” make my nuts itch” @GJD

11. “any tweet with “wow” in it” @audio – maybe I’ve done that too, but it just sounds wanky right now.

12. “when two people get into a heated discussion about a passionate subject – to the exclusion of all others. Take it outside, people!!” @Danacea

13. “push comes to shove all that ‘i’m streaming live..’ business I could live without.” @EaonP

14. “Automated playlists from radio stations, although I like hearing what peolple are listening to.” @AnnaHill

15. “I like it when people with personal business (especially entrepreneurs) add me to Twitter. I hate it when the personal business is spamming.” @ramcosca

16. “here’s the worst, people who make a drama out of “Unfollowing”, like you get to decide whos’ cool. Come on. we’re all nerds here.” @GJD

17. “least fave Tweets are those posted out of context with the original concept. Difficult to contextualize for non-followers.” @fauxpress

18. “good morning” @audio – yes it annoys me the same people say good morning every single day. I dunno I just find it daft, if someone comes back to a channel every day just join in and start yapping, no need for the formalities every day!

19. “My most important pet peeve: Twittering too often. I forgot b/c I don’t follow ppl who post too often. :)” @deanpence

So there we have a brief snapshot of dislikes from a variety of people, I’m sure there must be hundreds more, if you think of one please add it as a comment. Or if you like pick one of the above and have a rant about it.