Google Alerts
So part of what we do is brand monitoring, for mentions about “audana” – this is set-up so when content is published about my target key-phrase “audana”, and Google finds it, I get an email notification about it. This is particularly useful because it means I can monitor the sentiment of the content and make a decision to interact, or not.

This monitoring service and associated “alerts” goes well beyond being useful for just brand mentions, we can monitor key-phrases related to products, for example “web marketing” or “search optimisation” and see who is talking about what, and if this poses and opportunity to dive in and hi-jack (for want of a better phrase) the discussion. We can also monitor for more sophisticated things such as incoming links to a site, and anchor text usage (more of this later).

At a minimum you really should monitor just your brand mentions, but you or your staff could also extend the alerts to a variety or related key-phrases, it’s very simple to sign-up for alerts right here:

There are a whole variety of techniques and tips I shall talk about this in another post, but for now, give it a go, and do not stay in the dark.