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I’ve (as in my web development company) just finished a BETA mobile site for a client .

I’m not sure about you but I find myself more and more using my smart phone for staying “connected” when out and about. I have a Nokia e61 which is basically my mobile computer, in fact I very rarely use it as a phone in the traditional sense, I have a another device for that.

The main sites I use on my phone are Twitter, Gmail and Facebook. Armed with those three sites I can cover most of my day to day communication addiction needs.

Now and again I might pop into YouTube (really cool service) for a distraction and often I’ll sneak a look at BBC too, actually as I start to think about it I use more than the initial three sites I mentioned.

What is interesting though is that there are a staggering amount of web sites without an optimised mobile version for us “out and about” type people. Just try your favourites on your phone and see what utter nonsense comes up, you’ll be surprised.

If you find some good sites please list them out below in a comment, oh and also have a look at my client mobile site, let me know if it works or not on your phone?

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Appreciate it.

P.S. you can screen shot and add html in the comments.