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  1. Make helping people your #1 goal
  2. Live in the now and take time to smell the roses because you never know when they’ll be gone forever
  3. Leave no stone unturned in your quest for success (everything matters)
  4. Taking action always beats creating ideas (I keep an ideas book to get that stuff out of my head so I can focus and rarely revisit it)
  5. Realize sloppiness is your enemy (attention to detail in all areas of your life creates massive self-esteem that spills over into your confidence, sales and profits)
  6. Opening a relationship doesn’t start by closing a sale (i.e. rapport and value always beat cheesy sales tactics)
  7. Talking to people is always the answer (more sales, more customers, more knowledge, more progress)
  8. Trust your gut
  9. Be the best version of you (imagine someone’s watching EVERYTHING you do and act accordingly)
  10. Leave no stains (anything you do which causes guilt, resentment or disappointment in yourself will eat away at you – don’t give those negative voices a chance to attack you)
  11. It’s about your LIFE, not your business (the journey of becoming a better person and helping others is the best thing you will get out of this, the business and money is a by-product)
  12. Find the best experts then model, mimic and be mentored by them
  13. Be a Player and not a Victim in your business (no excuses, everything is your responsibility)
  14. If you’ve done something twice, outsource it (only do what only you can do)
  15. No sale is worth selling out for
  16. Your customer isn’t king, you are (you decide who gets on your bus and who you kick off)
  17. Don’t take crap from anyone (including customers and prospects)
  18. Always be learning
  19. Invest more per year on your own personal development than you do on entertainment
  20. If it ain’t broke – test it (good is not good enough, find a better way)
  21. Create a crowd (don’t try to please all people just find YOUR people then make them happy)
  22. Money loves speed (good today beats perfect tomorrow)
  23. Leaders are readers
  24. Schmoozers are losers (networking is dead – develop ways of attracting customers to you directly)
  25. Ask your people to spread your good word