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Whether you know what a landing page is or not, your site has them!

Put very simply, a landing page is the first page that a user sees when arriving at your site.

If your landing pages are not organised in a cohesive way, then search engines have the greatest influence in deciding what is or is not a “landing page” — based on how pages happen to rank for various key terms that drive users to your site.

However, with the right methods, you can help to ensure that your users’ landing pages are the ones that are ideal to meet their needs. If their search query seems to align well with a particular product or service that you offer, that very page should be the first one they see.

Control Your Landing Pages And You Can Control Your Results

Using quality UK web development services, you can ensure your landing pages will behave exactly as you expect them to — leading customers into your site at the proper point to neatly guide them through your sales funnel.

However, as convenient as this is, it’s only the beginning of what a good landing page can do for you. Establishing landing pages effectively gives you access to a treasure trove of data about user activity and the opportunity to optimise your site in innovative new ways.

Once your landing pages are functional, you can use advanced techniques — for example, leading users to different versions of the landing page in a 50/50 split. Within a very short time, it should become clear which version of the page is most efficient in producing conversions.

By testing out different versions of landing pages for a few hours or a few days at a time, you can gradually increase the results of your site. Over the course of several weeks, your landing pages will capture more and more conversions.

Geography Is Important In Landing Pages, Too

If your services are localised, you should ensure your landing pages each pertain to the specific location you are targeting. A landing page for Oxfordshire should differ from one for Lancaster, and so on.

When customers feel that their specific needs are being spoken to on the very first page of your site that they see, they are more likely to follow the path that you set out for them. This makes your website’s job that much easier.