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I’ve revamped site to better reflect what I am doing these days, and to really try to tap into YOU the reader a bit more, with more focused and categorised content. I’m looking to engage you in ME. I know pretty self-centered eh?

Fact is I have done and I’m involved with lots of projects and I want to share those projects, ideas and dreams with you. For me this seems to make sense on a variety of levels. I also want the majority of content on MY domain, not facebook, G+ or somewhere else, where we seem to lose the ability to really leverage it any¬†meaningfully¬†owned way.

If you are subscribed to this feed through feedburner, why not swing on by and subscribe to the real deal, the Chrish Hambly mailing list?


So, that’s all for now, but to get the ball rolling pop along and comment to let me know you are there.