The last month or so I have been infrequently using Joost, the internet TV service.

In order to get Joost you need to be invited, I guess because they are officially in the testing stages and require some limit on the numbers of simultaneous viewers. Once you receive the invite you are able to pop along to the web site and download the application, create an account and log-in.

It’s actually fairly simple, well for me at least, I’m used to downloading applications, installing them, logging-in and sitting behind a lap-top. I would also assume that YOU are similar to me in this respect, slightly geeky, used to technology and have very little issue with getting stuff working on your machine(s).

Right, so now I want you to turn your attentions to someone unlike you and me, perhaps your mum, or your sister who is not so geeky, maybe your uncle who uses the internet very little, perhaps the odd e-mail.

I want you to ask the question to someone about their feelings concerning internet TV, would they use it, if not ask them why not, or ask yourself the same question, would you use internet TV, do you, do you not want to, and why not?

I have my own thoughts concerning internet TV, and how to expand or sell it, which I have posted on some friends blogs but I want more views here I want YOUR views.

So, does internet TV have a future, will it happen soon, or will it remain something only geeks do, until everyone is a geek with the next generation? Tell us your thoughts, what needs to happen? Is it all a heap of crap, or something of great value, or do we just love the programmed content on the box in the corner?