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One headache has been removed and I’m delighted to have completed the install of Infinite Responder.

I blogged previously about the concept of an auto-responder and also covered some of the many benefits these things bring to an online business.

The issue was that one of my free courses, by e-mail, was effectively out of order for a while (long enough to notice serious changes in purchases) due to the non-payment of a subscription (I forgot, well I was also was very un-happy with the service).

Initially I felt I’d solve this issue by tracking down the software that was used by the company I had paid a subscription to, which was hotresponders, which then became clickformoreinfo, and has probably morphed into something else now. These were company names though and the actual script is called easyresponder and available through as a free download if you are a member.

So I was willing to pay a couple hundred bucks for this script, which I did finally get hold of to evaluate [cough], yet as this was written in perl I was somewhat lost with trouble shooting and error detection. To many errors and I needed a quicker solution.

In my searching I discovered an excellent php solution which runs off a MySQL database, very easy to install and within an hour I had loaded 10 e-mails and set time intervals for these to arrive over a period of 21 days.

The listed features are:
• GPL licensed!
• Subscription confirmation
• Easy web-based subscription
• Unlimited messages
• Individual message send times
• Full admin control panel
• Unlimited responders
• User list importer
• HTML and Text email support
• Configurable inactivity timeouts
• Database email search
• Input security features
• Remote subscription wrapper
• Complete unsubscribe handler


If you need a FREE flawless system check out Aaron Colman’s Infinite Responder!

If you want to see mine in action sign up here: Studio Tricks & Tips

Highly recommended