I had a few tweets with her today which went as follows:

@audio you might start with thinking up an alternative abbreviation for Social Media – or is it too late? 

@improbulus I’d say Communications Technology.. because that’s all it is.. but that’s not sexy.. nothing new here really…

@audio actually, I meant maybe something like SocMed instead of SM??! (referring to your earlier tweet now) 

@improbulus Oh I see.. SM is too close to S&M? SocMed works. 

improbulus @audio yes, otherwise some people might get confused! Anything else, really – SocMed was just a suggestion. 

So there you go, that is that we have now officially declared Social Media to be abbreviated to SocMed.

You may go forthwith and use SocMed, hereby defined by The Social Media Mafia.


Breaking News:

UPDATE: the abbreviation has now been officially reduced to the rather simple, and refreshingly more related SoMepronounced So Me thanks to:

vanmaanen @audio SocMed is SoMe :-)