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I’m cross posting this one from, as though it rightfully sits in the portfolio it’s also one of my thought processes so belongs here too.

Pizza and Mayo is a cute little portal which asks one question per page, typically a question where there is one, usually obvious, answer. Do you prefer coffee or tea? – For example.

The idea for this wordpress driven site is really about presenting slightly thought-provoking text, where the text presented asks one question, one subject, with the sole purpose of drawing a user response. The minimalist design is definitely purposeful in this matter for focussing the mind on just that one thought, that one question.

The conceptualisation came together on the back-end of an interesting story concerning a friend of mine CC Chapman.

CC was in NYC on some business and letting his twitter followers know that he was thinking of grabbing a pizza, when I replied “try some mayo on your pizza”, you may say the same as CC, (WHAT!!!) but trust me it does work, of course not if you dislike mayo, but if you like mayo, it works good.

So the sight was born, a teaser for presenting slightly off the wall comparisons, questions, subjects.

There is currently an rss feed available along with the ability to have any new questions e-mailed to subscribers.

The data-set collected may be re-used in some way in the future; I’m not sure yet, not even sure how or why, but possibly it could build up a profile of the posters.

Do penguins have knees?