Since 1991, we have seen the internet grow almost exponentially and the number of websites that now populate it is evidence of that unprecedented growth. As an example of this, there was only a single website in 1991 when it all started. By 1997, that figure had grown to 1,000,000. Only 10 years later (2007), there were 150 million websites. Interestingly enough, it is estimated that there will be 150 million mobile-friendly websites. By the way, there are now over 1 billion websites today – and growing.

As a result, we have witnessed the onset of a new type of website namely, the mobile-friendly website. Mobile-friendly websites are compatible with (you guessed it) mobile devices such laptops, smartphones, and tablets. More importantly, it is already estimated that by the end of next year (2015), the number of consumers that use their mobile devices to browse the web and do their shopping will exceed the number of those who use their desktop.

So what does this mean for the small business owner who has a website that isn’t mobile-friendly? It means you could be burning money in the form of lost sales revenues. To illustrate its importance, here are 5 reasons to consider hiring a UK website development firm and having them convert it to a mobile-friendly site:

Better brand engagement – Statistics have shown that consumers tend to like a particular brand more if they can purchase it over their mobile devices. Additionally, they are more likely going to visit your site again.

Increased sales conversions – Calls to Action or CTA’s should be readily visible and simple to click on. This is the problem with seeing a regular desktop website in a mobile browser – they are ineffective for converting visitor traffic to sales because CTA’s may be obscured and it may be difficult to click on the link.

Mobile consumers are different – Their objectives are different from those of desktop users in that they are searching for information and they want it quickly. There buying habits tend to differ as well.

Mobile-friendly websites get plenty of visitor traffic – 25% of all global searches are now being done on mobile devices and that might just equate to a serious increase in sales.

Reduce the bounce rate – Your website content on a desktop may be readable but on a mobile device, it won’t be. When this happens, visitors bounce. In other words, they move on to another site. Either way, you lose.

If we can help you with this in any way whatsoever, please do get in touch, every new website we make is responsive and mobile ready, DO NOT get fleeced into two versions, you need one site that works on all devices.