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I love new media, I love the people working within new media, and I love the tools we have in new media for sharing the love.

One very interesting blog post which inspired me this week was made by one of my Twitter friends Christopher Pen called Transparency is the currency of a trust relationship. This is a great post which I have been actively pushing all week which has led to some great things.

In all my meetings and activities this week I have been experimenting with the concept of “opening-up” more and more and sharing more and more information with more and more people. I consider myself fairly open already, but maybe I’m not as open as I think, so I have been exaggerating this as much as possible. I have been mixing real life face-to-face encounters with online-worlds, social networking tools and expanding all of those as far as possible.

I have shared my Twitter, LinkedIn, blog, Podcast details with students, staff and anyone I come into contact with. I have had numerous requests for to be added for all of those channels and I’m loving.

I love new media.