How To Help Small Business Using Social Media.

Unless you’ve been exclusively watching Game of Thrones for the last five years you will have noticed the increasing influence of social media in our lives. Whether it’s catching up with friends’ news, following personalities, watching funny videos or trolling strangers, we are pretty much addicted to it.

You will also have noticed the constant presence of advertising in your feed, whatever the platform you’re using. We all know that’s how the giants make their money, and we all resent it a bit too, right? The capturing of our preference data can feel like an invasion of our privacy; as well as being slightly unnerving that an algorithm can identify products you’ll be interested in. There is a significant proportion of the population that reject this use of data capture and advertising.

It’s all about perspective

However if you’re tuned in to the social media industry, and if you’re reading this then you probably are, then you will know that there is a huge positive to this type of profiling. First of all from the perspective of the customer – you are presented with articles and adverts for products that may genuinely interest you based on your indicated preferences. If you’re heavily into animal welfare issues then stories about the plight of Sumatran rhinos and ads for campaigns will really appeal to you. Equally if you have registered for a half marathon and have been researching training programs then ads for good running shoes will be very welcome.

So it’s really a question of perspective. It’s a reasonable assumption that the giants will continue to do preference profiling, and that you will continue to be subject to, and benefit from it. So let’s use that as a start point for this idea…

There’s always an opportunity

So as a customer you can appreciate the value of profiling. But what about as a marketer? Well yes, you can certainly appreciate it as your life has been made significantly easier. Facebook advertising and Google Ads have streamlined the process of reaching your target market, so messages can be pushed out and received with astonishing speed and accuracy. Given that the average millennial checks their phone more than eighty times per day that’s a lot of opportunities to speak to your potential customers. If we look across the whole age range it only drops to around seventy times per day – opportunities abound!

Imagine then the power of social media for promoting a business. How about that small business being run by some good people, enthusiastic about their product and following their dreams? They would no doubt love to harness the power of social media to bring customers to their site and generate sales. After they invested in that website, or built it themselves, they’ve probably been quite disappointed at the lack of visits they get. It will be frustrating that despite their diligent updating of their content they just can’t seem to get the traction they want.

Now consider this…over 99% of firms in the developed world are small businesses, many with fewer than twenty employees and revenue around $100k. The line of businesses looking to benefit from social media is a long one.

But what’s the problem? That’s right, they don’t know how to. To the uninitiated, social media marketing seems intimidating – only for big companies with big budgets. However that couldn’t be more wrong. Small business can definitely benefit from social media marketing by employing the right techniques and processes.

You need the A-Team

So the smart small business owner knows what they don’t know. They have identified the gap in their knowledge, as well as the fact that they are too busy focusing on growing their business to spend time learning about social media. So the smart small business owner turns to a professional to help them. That professional is the social media consultant.

Social media consultants are specialists in identifying opportunities for powerful marketing across all social media platforms. They understand how to identify target audiences and importantly how to reach them through social media. Remember the eighty phone checks per day? Social media consultants are able to turn each of those checks into potential pay-checks for small businesses.

Social media consultants are expert in creating sales funnels, to convert interest in adverts into clicks on the ‘Buy Now’ button. They understand landing pages, email marketing and the power of up sell. Social media consultants really are the A-Team – when you have a problem and no one else can help they will be there. Instead of using a kickass van and automatic weapons though they employ a desk and a laptop, delivering justice for small business owners everywhere.

Do you want to join the A-Team?

The surprising thing is that to be a social media consultant you don’t need an expensive education or to be a super-geek. Social media consultants are regular people that have identified the potential of social media as a marketing tool. They have then learned some skills and processes to get the most out of the opportunities that exist. These are opportunities for small businesses to reach their target audience and deliver their messages.

The Social Media Mafia is a community of like-minded consultants creating opportunities to deliver marketing messages for clients. Through the Social Media Mafia Academy regular people like you learn new knowledge and skills, and develop new opportunities for themselves. People looking for career changes, new challenges, and/or trying to help small businesses thrive all find what they’re looking for in the Academy.

Do you want to upskill yourself and join the A-Team? Are you interested in working with small (or big) businesses to boost their potential, as well as your own? Sign up for the Social Media Mafia Academy, join our team and see what opportunities await you…