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We’re all thinking it, right? How to give up the daily grind and become a social media consultant?

How can I escape the tedium of my daily work routine and start doing something on my own terms?

Unless you’re a hobo you are inevitably beholden to someone else’s demands, someone else’s deadlines, and someone else’s aims and goals.

Your working life is not your own – it’s dictated by the need to be somewhere specific, dressed in something specific, and to do something specific when you’re there. I know that makes it sound like you’re an escort. Maybe you are, maybe you aren’t; either way you answer to someone else. Now I think about it that throws an interesting light on the phrase ‘daily grind’…but whatever it is you’re grinding out each day, wouldn’t it be great if you were calling the shots?

Wouldn’t it be great to do things on your terms?

Other than sunshine holidays and stationery theft, breaking free of your job routine and working for yourself is the number one fantasy we indulge in at work. Whether we’re pounding a keyboard, fake-smiling at rude customers, or assembling components the thing on our mind is how to break free and do what we want to do.

I remember that acute sense of waste as I sat in the commuter traffic, burning time and fuel, alongside thousands of others on their way to work each day. It built up in me until it turned into a resentment that this was a necessary part of my routine – a mandatory sacrifice of time and productivity when I could have been doing anything else. Even friends of mine who were occasionally able to “work from home” as part of their routine sadly admitted that they were still subject to a mandatory ‘presence’ by being logged in and available for specific hours.

It has become a cultural norm of our working lives that we grind out a specified number of hours per week in exchange for a proportional reward. This is what we have been shown as the way the world works, because it is easy to structure and control, and to comprehend. But it is not the way it has to be, and a growing number of open thinkers have started to embrace an alternative way of working. You will have heard of them, and probably seen them on social media looking young and smug. I am neither young nor smug, yet I have embraced this fantasy working life. I now work as many hours as I feel necessary, when I want to, and (almost) for as much money as I decide. How have I done this? I’m glad you asked. I have become a social media consultant.

The good news is that you too can give up the daily grind and become a social media consultant. The great news is that it is a job in increasing demand in today’s connected world of digital messaging and advertising. The fantastic news is that you don’t need to abuse yourself like a YouTuber in order to do it. But you will be able to eat burgers and play frisbee and get paid for it. Win-Win! Becoming a social media consultant is a good choice of job if you are looking to break free of traditional employment; to break free of traditional working hours; to break free of someone else’s whims and to start working on your own terms. It is a great choice of job if you have a desire to harness your existing knowledge of social media and apply it to a professional context. It is a fantastic choice of job if you are an entrepreneur at heart that wants to create something meaningful and impactful and to be handsomely rewarded for it.

Does any of this sound good to you? It may sound too good to be true, but you may be surprised to hear just how achievable it is. Becoming a social media consultant is as easy as building on your existing skill-set with some new skills in digital messaging and personal communication, and then getting out there and applying them. That’s the headline, and the more exciting sub-heading is that you get to explore and develop who you are, and feel more challenged and fulfilled than ever before whilst earning more than you thought you ever could. Now I know that sounds good to you…so let me explain how you’re going to achieve it.

A social media consultant is one of those jobs your grandparents couldn’t even have imagined would exist. Your parents probably won’t understand it. Your grumpy Uncle Ted will probably dismiss it as “a load of old shit”. But it is an important function in the world of digital marketing, and as you know, that shit is real. Global spend on digital marketing in 2018 exceeded $100 billion. In Britain and North America 23% of brand marketing budgets are spent on digital marketing, and it is rising. Why wouldn’t it? We are increasingly reliant on digital sources for our information and our purchases. Whether Uncle Ted likes it or not, the world is digital and will only become moreso.

So brands are looking to capitalise on that trend, and the social media consultant is in the fabulous position of being able to help them to do that. As the subject matter expert in digital marketing you will assist brands in forming their strategy of how they will talk to their digital audience, keep their attention and generate revenue. As the expert consultant they will pay you to do it for them. If you’re pursing your lips to explain that you’re not yet a subject matter expert on digital marketing then don’t, because as it happens that’s what we do – help you to change your life by getting involved in this awesome industry.

The Social Media Mafia Academy exists for that sole purpose. Having done it ourselves we are passionate about welcoming you into our family and helping you to give up the daily grind and become a social media consultant.