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How To Earn What You’re Worth – As A Social Media Consultant

Let me start with a few questions…

Are you ever frustrated that your salary never seems to stretch far enough to comfortably cover the cost of living?

Do you ever feel like you’re worth more than you’re getting paid for your work?

Do you ever get the sense that you’re undervalued and capable of much more?

Well, if the answer to any of those is Yes then you will not be surprised to learn that you are very much in the majority. Two thirds of workers in the US believe they are underpaid for what they do, and not surprisingly it is a significant contributory factor to employee dissatisfaction. That’s because your pay is not just a number. It is an emotional measure of how valued you feel – if you feel underpaid then you feel undervalued.

The damaging linear model


The perception of being undervalued is hard to break away from in the traditional employment model. We understand that salaries are determined according to experience and qualifications, and then you show up for the required amount of time each week to qualify for that salary. This linear approach is very familiar to us.

However this approach is damaging to productivity as it exerts a downward pressure on the importance of value. If you find yourself locked into a salary structure that only requires you to show up and do your duties then you have no incentive to perform better. Even if you have a bonus scheme, or the potential for promotion in the next few years you’re still stuck in the linear model. How will you ever break out and earn what you know you’re worth if you can only ever achieve the salary the company is prepared to give you?

If I asked you to say who you think is paid what they’re worth you would probably name some professions – doctors, lawyers, accountants and the like. To some extent you’re right. Professionals such as these are paid approximately what they’re worth – they have studied hard at school, passed exams, achieved qualifications and deserve their higher salaries.

However they are still stuck in that linear model. They can only earn what someone is prepared to pay them for their time and expertise. Their income is proportional to the time they spend working. This is not earning what you’re worth.

What are you worth?


Imagine then if there was another way to earn money; a way in which you are compensated proportionally for what you are actually worth. You will have guessed by now that this way does not involve ‘getting a job’. Instead this way involves adopting a new model of employment which allows you to determine your own worth.

Have you ever considered what you’re worth? It sounds like the sort of question you hear from your therapist, and really it is related to your sense of self. Our self worth is a measure of how we value and regard ourselves. It is an internal state of being that comes from self-understanding and self-acceptance. If you have high self worth then you have a high opinion of yourself and place a high value on your skills and abilities.

Sounds great, right? Imagine being able to ignore the judgement and criticism of others and value yourself highly…well the good news is that you totally can. Whatever you think you have learned about your worth up until this point, it’s probably bollocks as it’s most likely based on the feedback you get from other people on what they think you are worth. You need to break this vicious cycle, which will only drive your self worth down.

The value cycle


Instead you can adopt a way of thinking in which you accept yourself as you are, flaws and all. You can learn that we are all fallible, but that we are all capable of enormous growth. You can learn that as you grow you become more valuable. And so the cycle of growth and value continues. Imagine being in a position where you constantly feel more and more valuable, and are able to determine how much you are paid according to that value.

So how can you achieve that kind of self-perpetuating valuation? Well, the great news is that you do not have to work for other people and be subject to their rules and valuations. Instead you can work for yourself as a social media consultant. Social media consultants are subject matter experts in digital marketing, applying their skills and knowledge to increase brand awareness and boost sales.

Growth is key


You may have already shouted at the screen that you don’t have any expertise in digital marketing, but remember when I mentioned growth…? You will find that it’s surprisingly easy to acquire new knowledge and skills that are enormously valued by clients.

The Social Media Mafia is a community of social media consultants supporting each other in their growth and improving the use of digital marketing in business. Our Godfather’s Success Pathway is an 8 week program designed to take you from where you are now to where you want to be – charging the fees you know you are worth and winning contracts.


How To Earn What You’re Worth – As A Social Media Consultant


One of our students had a massive win before she had even finished the program. She had gained the confidence to sell her services as a social media consultant and approached a few local companies. Within a week she had landed a massive contract and lined up pitches for several more. She had discovered her value and was able to demand her fees based on that. She was set to earn more in six months than she had in the entire previous year. With the Social Media Mafia Academy she is growing her skills and her value.

This could be you. Brands are looking for social media consultants to help them with their digital strategies and will pay them well to do it. So sign up for the academy, develop some new skills and see what you’re worth…