I’ve recently be spending a few moments here and there getting the schedule ready for The Summer Of Love Festival 07 in SecondLife, of course not entirely alone, I must extend gratitude to some wonderful helpers too.

What I have found during these couple of weeks is that there seems to be a number of musicians in need of some help when it comes to streaming music into SecondLife.

I thought that a posted video here on my blog would be the best place for that help, for those people who want a free solution who use the windows operating system.

The set up I use is Windows XP, Winamp and a Shoutcast Plugin, all free of charge, which of course is wonderful!

The concept is surprisingly simple, you simply capture the sound on your machine through Winamp, which sends the data (using the plugin) to a streaming server (you need to borrow one), and then that streaming server information is broadcast into a land parcel in SecondLife – simple eh?

Hope the video helps.