E-learning is online education, usually consisting of several media and most often is available on demand. It can be used to help your business internally by training employees, as well as externally by educating your customers about your products or services.

E-learning for the Employee: E-learning can be an effective tool for the training of your employees. Many software programs have e-learning programs that are integrated within the program, which your employees can utilise on an as-needed basis. E-learning can lower the overall training costs as well as shorten the amount of time employees spend off the job training in seminars and the like. By providing on-demand e-learning programs, employees are free to receive training at times which are convenient for them, and on those subjects in which they need assistance. The employees have more control over their learning, which has been proven to be more effective than instructor-led training. Additionally, e-learning can dramatically shorten the amount of time it takes for an employee to learn the information and result in better retention of that information. Time and experience has shown that e-learning is a win-win for you and for your employees.

E-learning for Customers: Customers will also benefit from e-learning, whether it be about your product, service or industry. By providing access to e-learning tools to your customers, they benefit by having on-demand information and tutorials about your product or service, and you benefit from a reduction of calls into your call centres. E-learning provides feedback to your business by highlighting the areas that may need more resources and support. E-learning allows you to analyse the tutorials that are being used most often and determine if you need to add additional support to that product or service.

There are several benefits to investing in e-learning, both internally for your employees and externally for your customers. With the amount of information available these days, it is cost-effective to organise the information and present it in a format that is available to the user at all times and reduces the amount of time spent on human resources.