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First Meeting of SLED UK Educators Group in SecondLife

The first meeting for the SLED UK educators group took place on the SIM of Audio on Dec 21, 2006

Some images of the event can be seen here:

ACHUB UK Educators Group

Group Dialogue

Below is a record of the transcript:

Transcript of UK Educators Meeting #01

Date: 21/12/06

Location: Audio

[8:37] audio Zenith: I am Chris Hambly Director

[8:37] Buddy Sprocket: Im Daniel Livingstone – lecturer in Games Technology, University of Paisley

[8:37] Corey Hauptmann: I am Mary Devlin – independent community learning facilitator

[8:37] Geoff Magellan: I’m Geoff Minshull. Consultant. Now, mostly organise online conferences, including for JISC

[8:37] Woop Superior: I’m Dan Seamans, VLE Business Project Leader at The Open University

[8:38] Kaveh Smirnov: I run a typesetting company for academic journal publishers. I am interested in audio and video interactive teaching

[8:38] Skipper Abel: I am Barry Spencer, PAL and VLE administrator at Bromley College

[8:38] Jasmyn Fredericks is Online

[8:38] Elsa Dickins: Anna Peachey, OU Teaching Fellow, AL and independent consultant in flexible lifelong learning

[8:38] Scott Woollahra: I am Scott Chase, SL in Architecture (Design computing) at U. Strathclyde (I will be moving to another SL identity over the holidays)

[8:38] Jacquie Sholokhov: I’m Jacquie Bennett, Technology COLMSCT fellow at Open University

[8:38] Andrewsides Sanders: I’m Andrew SIdes Lecturer at Central Saint Martins Art College in London

[8:38] Martin Pattle: I am Martin Le Voi, Lecturer in Psychology ,Open University

[8:39] Kaveh Smirnov: Oh, my real name is Kaveh Bazargan.

[8:39] Buddy Sprocket: well thats a good start.. obviously not everyone was able to make it…

[8:40] Buddy Sprocket: hello asher, you just missed the introductions

[8:40] audio Zenith: I made two white info boxes (clickable) they spawn the info concerning this meeting. (you’ve probably read those pages)

[8:40] Buddy Sprocket: good turnout from the open university in particular!

[8:40] asher Hebert: sorry about being late my other computer just died on me

[8:40] Jacquie Sholokhov: we hunt in packs

[8:40] Elsa Dickins:

[8:40] Woop Superior: we try our best Buddy

[8:40] audio Zenith: The OU rocks.. my MA was through those guys 🙂

[8:41] Woop Superior: that’s great to hear!

[8:41] Elsa Dickins: Hi Schomer

[8:41] Corey Hauptmann: is note taker having problems?

[8:41] Buddy Sprocket: hi schomer, asher, you can get all our names later from the log – wonder if you could say hello for now

[8:41] Woop Superior: Schomer arrives late and still gets a seat!

[8:41] Schomer Simpson: Hi Elsa

[8:41] Geoff Magellan: Yes. Run time error, stack problem.

[8:41] Schomer Simpson: Hi Woop

[8:41] Jacquie Sholokhov: hi schomer

[8:42] Corey Hauptmann: apologies from asher – still having tech problems

[8:42] Schomer Simpson: Hi everyone!

[8:42] Buddy Sprocket: well, I guess we are here to discuss possible ideas for the Eduserve call

[8:42] audio Zenith: I’ll copy and paste the chat history should we have note issues. 🙂

[8:43] Buddy Sprocket: there will be another meeting at the start of january where Art Fosset of Eduserve will be in world to answer questions

[8:43] audio Zenith: Sounds great

[8:43] Corey Hauptmann: i guess some will already have plans

[8:43] Elsa Dickins: oh, my seat just went!

[8:43] Buddy Sprocket: but for now, ideas are all I think? ideas which enable collobartion between institutions I guess

[8:44] audio Zenith: So this proposal sounds fascinating, the first for UK I believe?

[8:44] Buddy Sprocket: yes, art/andy of eduserve has obviously been checking out SL himself

[8:44] Buddy Sprocket: and has an office in one of the Info Island islands….

[8:44] Corey Hauptmann: some of us are not strictly attached to institutions – so would be looking to others to lead

[8:45] Schomer Simpson: I was late – so maybe missed it – but would it make sense to go around and each say a bit about who we are, what our backgrounds/areas of interest are?

[8:45] audio Zenith: Potentially a great pot of gold to fund some wonderful research

[8:45] Buddy Sprocket: i guess a few folk were late.. it wont hurt to repeat quickly!

[8:45] Elsa Dickins: you did miss it 🙂

[8:45] Corey Hauptmann: although, London South Bank have consulted me and expressed interest…

[8:46] Buddy Sprocket: Daniel Livingstone, University of Paisley, Lecture in Games Technology and also involved in the Moodle/SL project ‘Sloodle’

[8:46] Kaveh Smirnov: Kaveh Bazargan. Commercial typesetter for academic publishers. Interested in online conferencing and education

[8:47] Elsa Dickins: Anna Peachey, OU Teaching fellow and independent consultant in lifelong flexible learning

[8:47] audio Zenith: Chris Hambly – Director (BSc technology course leader and other HE initiatives)

[8:47] Martin Pattle: Martin Le Voi, Lecturer in Psychology Open University

[8:47] Geoff Magellan: Geoff Minshull. Consultant. VLE work in past. Now organise online conferences, including for Jisc.

[8:47] Scott Woollahra: Scott Chase, U. Strathclyde, teach design computing in Architecture, interested in using virtual worlds as a design environment

[8:47] Jacquie Sholokhov: Jacquie Bennett Teaching Fellow, Open University interested in learner identities and learning pathways

[8:48] Schomer Simpson: Peter Twining – Director of the Centre for Curriculum And Teaching Studies in the OU – working on schome (not school – not home – schome – the education system for the Inforamtion Age

[8:48] Schomer Simpson: )

[8:48] Woop Superior: Dan Seamans, VLE Business Project Leader at The Open University, our VLE being Moodle I’ve been keeping an eye on Sloodle, and the exciting possibilities of SL

[8:49] Schomer Simpson: How many of us are involved with Sloodle?

[8:49] Buddy Sprocket: I am…

[8:49] Skipper Abel: me to

[8:49] audio Zenith: I remember doing my MA at the OU and we used the bulletin Board System..

[8:49] Geoff Magellan: I would like to be.

[8:50] Elsa Dickins: regular moodle user and interested in sloodle although not a programmer

[8:50] audio Zenith: Great to see the OU looking into moodle.. I use moodle now.

[8:50] Elsa Dickins: the commercial bit of the OU has been using moodle for ages

[8:50] Woop Superior: I’m not actively involved in Sloodle, but I have been to an inworld event and keep an eye on the forums

[8:50] Schomer Simpson: The OU’s doind a bit more than ‘looking into moodle’ – we are commited to using it and doing a fair amount of development work on it (though Woop knows more about that than I do)

[8:51] Buddy Sprocket: well one possible project could involve sloodle – either directly or indirectly

[8:51] Second Wind: Hi Sorry lost my tool bar Second Wind/Maggi Savin-Baden Coventry Uni, out in JISC bid

[8:51] Woop Superior: indeed we are Schomer

[8:51] Buddy Sprocket: Eduserve are interested in projects of no more than 2 years, no less than 6 months… and there may be room for more than one project

[8:51] Schomer Simpson: What are other folk doing or thinking of doing in SL?

[8:51] audio Zenith: Oh I didn’t mean that in dismissive way 🙂

[8:52] Schomer Simpson: I was going to ask if anyone knew how many bids Eduserve were looking to fund

[8:52] Buddy Sprocket: Knew I knew that name Second WInd from somewhere…

[8:52] Schomer Simpson: Audio – not taken that way

[8:52] Corey Hauptmann: sorry i had to re-log

[8:52] Second Wind: I am setting up problesm-based learning and dgitla games based stuff

[8:52] Schomer Simpson: Second Wind – for undergraduates?

[8:53] Second Wind: post grads first

[8:53] Kaveh Smirnov: I want to have real time conference feed for those not able to attend conferences

[8:53] Corey Hauptmann: i want to explore how SL can be used in community settings

[8:53] Schomer Simpson: Corey – what do you mean by ‘community settings’?

[8:53] Woop Superior: reaching out to wider audiences?

[8:53] Martin Pattle: From hearing on-line games developers, I’m interested in how psychological aspects of role playing enable learning at all levels

[8:54] Second Wind: we are using it also as a business hub in the west midlands

[8:54] Corey Hauptmann: learning groups – family, adults.. people who may not have usiversity access

[8:54] audio Zenith: Wonderful..

[8:54] Schomer Simpson: Corey – cool – ties in with schome

[8:54] Corey Hauptmann: including home ed – definitely

[8:54] Buddy Sprocket: I think there are some distinct themes…

[8:55] Buddy Sprocket: the call specifically mentions some issues of interest…

[8:55] Woop Superior: inclusion being one of them for sure

[8:55] Buddy Sprocket: “Projects that consider social, political, usability, accessibility, inclusion or gender issues in this area are particularly encouraged.”

[8:55] audio Zenith: Inclusion is a god one, including those dreaded obstales of hardware requirements

[8:56] Woop Superior: on a general note, it does seem that hardware requirements have the potential to get in the way a little

[8:56] Buddy Sprocket: SL is good for accessibility in terms of remote working, out of hours work…

[8:56] Scott Woollahra: one of my colleagues has been working on a simulation project for the law school where they have a whole simulated village. Don’t know quite how it works (possibly like the Sims), but maybe it’s a good fit for SL

[8:56] Buddy Sprocket: but terrible for disability access… and hardware

[8:56] Second Wind: what other themes do you see Buddy?

[8:57] audio Zenith: I’ve not been able to make SL mandatory for my students yet based on this “general” issue of hardware…

[8:57] Martin Pattle: I met a disabled resident the other day: so it can be OK

[8:57] Woop Superior: on the disability front, does anyone know if any accessibility studies have been done on SL?

[8:57] Buddy Sprocket: it depends on the disability….

[8:57] Martin Pattle: I have also seen residents going round in wheelchairs…

[8:57] Buddy Sprocket: no, but i gather it doesnt work well with screen readers at all

[8:57] Woop Superior: ah, I would imagine not

[8:58] Buddy Sprocket: plus the need to navigate in 3d is pretty impossible if you cant see where you are

[8:58] Scott Woollahra: I’m new to SL, but it seems to me the hardware (and communication) limitations of SL indicate that communication with external software is a key issue (a la SLoodle)

[8:58] Woop Superior: of course, but I can see how it might be quite empowering for some groups of disabled users

[8:58] Geoff Magellan: The law school and simulated village is Paul maharg. It was (is) excellent. But it would be really interesting to see that done in SL.

[8:58] Woop Superior: I’d agree with that Scott, SL is great at some things, but the real strength most likely lies in linking up with other systems

[8:59] Buddy Sprocket: well two ideas of projects requiring (or benefitting) from large inter-institutional teams….

[8:59] Scott Woollahra: wheelchairs: our research group developed a VR linked wheelchair simulator with a RL wheelchair, for designing for the disabled

[8:59] Martin Pattle: I see SL as an early test bed of a future (bug-free!) 3-D Social Environment

[9:00] Buddy Sprocket: 1. a project that pretty much focusses on using SL in education and considers eg pedagogies of 3d virutal worlds

[9:00] Buddy Sprocket: i think i agree martin…

[9:00] Martin Pattle: We might also want to relate to work with Immersive VR systems

[9:00] Second Wind: yep that is my interest Martin

[9:00] Buddy Sprocket: if SL is lucky that future environment MIGHT be SL … but it might not

[9:00] Corey Hauptmann: sorry, keep crashin

[9:00] Second Wind: sorry, the pedagogies

[9:00] audio Zenith: Scott and presumably mary this concerns too.. and the OU.. this hardware issue really is a serious issue in my mind… this current PC specifications/needs is very exclusive.. Until that is fixed wuder proliferation in my mind is going to be tough to execute. no?

[9:00] Elsa Dickins: Buddy – 2?

[9:00] Buddy Sprocket: sorry,

[9:01] Woop Superior: I’m in complete agreement with the hardware issue, it is not something that can easily be overlooked

[9:01] Martin Pattle: audio, that’s why I see it as an early test-bed

[9:01] Buddy Sprocket: 2. project which more tries to place technology like SL in context of wider teaching technologies

[9:01] Corey Hauptmann: i’m interested in the immediate barriers that come up for learners here

[9:01] Buddy Sprocket: also of course 3. projects which focus on specific groups of users

[9:01] Schomer Simpson: The eduserve website suggests that they fund 10 major projects per year – how many calls do they make a year?

[9:01] Corey Hauptmann: hence – enabling wider partipation

[9:02] Buddy Sprocket: hmmm shall we gather questions in advance for art fossett?

[9:02] Scott Woollahra: I haven’t done any real building/designing yet in SL (my work is in CAD related systems) but I’m keen to see how external design systems might link with the SL collaborative environment

[9:02] Elsa Dickins: that’s a good idea

[9:02] Jacquie Sholokhov: good idea

[9:02] Buddy Sprocket: q1. How many projects are likely to be funded? What is the total pot?

[9:02] Schomer Simpson: Are Eduserve focussed on particular groups of learners? (Not clear from their website)

[9:02] Corey Hauptmann: can we also get an idea of who is representing an institution ready to be leading these bids

[9:03] Second Wind: Well I am plaaning to lead ours at Cov Uni

[9:03] Corey Hauptmann: i have some interest from London South Bank, but they are not already established in SL

[9:03] Buddy Sprocket: I would love to, but to be honest I dont think I have the experience for leading a large inter-institution project

[9:03] Schomer Simpson: There is a group at the OU who are thinking of bidding – I am attempting to coordinate that

[9:03] Britney Mason is Online

[9:04] Brit Wishbringer is Online

[9:04] audio Zenith: I am considering this from a distance learning aspect.

[9:04] Buddy Sprocket: does that exclude you from working on inter-institution bid then schomer?

[9:04] Schomer Simpson: Who are the other folk who might be bidding (but aren’t here)?

[9:04] Buddy Sprocket: i can check gmail for the apologies

[9:04] Schomer Simpson: Buddy – nope – playing the field at the moment!

[9:04] Buddy Sprocket: at my institution there is a prof interested, though he has not been active in SL yet

[9:05] Second Wind: where are you?

[9:05] Corey Hauptmann: Eloise Pasteur is interested in being involved – but not sure about as a lead..

[9:05] Buddy Sprocket: i think the distance aspects of SL should really work in favour of distributed project work

[9:05] Schomer Simpson: It would be helpful to know who has already done stuff in SL – and who has already got funding to do stuff in SL

[9:05] audio Zenith: Buddy yeah good point..

[9:05] Scott Woollahra: the director of our Centre for Learning & Teaching and a colleague are now getting interested in SL, so they might be possibilities at Strathclyde. I haven’t had the opportunity to talk with them in any real detail though

[9:06] Buddy Sprocket: I have a very small amount of money to get me a visit to San Jose to visit Jeremy Kemp for a couple of weeks

[9:06] Buddy Sprocket: Im trying to speak to the Centre for Academic Practice at Paisley U. but no feedback yet

[9:06] Schomer Simpson: How is Sloodle funded?

[9:06] Second Wind: I know Ray Land well at Strath and he is intersted in collaborating with Cov on an SL bid

[9:06] Martin Pattle: Could we get Jeremy to advise on our suggestions?

[9:07] Buddy Sprocket: sloodle is currently unfunded afaik

[9:07] Schomer Simpson: Ah

[9:07] Buddy Sprocket: im sure he’d be happy to…

[9:07] Buddy Sprocket: i know jeremy got funding himself, but I do not think it was specifically for Sloodle

[9:08] Scott Woollahra: Re: Ray Land, that sounds promising, I notified him of this meeting, but we’re now officially closed for the holidays

[9:09] Second Wind: I am a prof of HE research if that handle will help us at all

[9:09] Immagine Dix is Offline

[9:09] Scott Woollahra: I wonder if there’s anyone at Edinburgh interested, since they have an elearning Master’s course and an SL presence

[9:09] Buddy Sprocket: I think that prob would SW!

[9:09] Second Wind: Yep I am doing it but Sain Bayne is too busy, I asked her

[9:10] Martin Pattle: I know the VC at Edinburgh, who is Tim O’Shea: he would certainly encourage it

[9:10] Second Wind: better and better

[9:10] Buddy Sprocket: lol I was going to do that Edinburgh course part time… but then realised I was tooooooooo busy

[9:10] Caspian Bosen is Online

[9:11] Buddy Sprocket: the sense i get is that people are keen for there to be a large project which does involve lots of us from round the table?

[9:11] Schomer Simpson: I’m not convinced that we lack clout/kudos – we need a good plan (and to demo that we can deliver)

[9:11] audio Zenith: I’m very interested in working on the distance learning aspect and wider community.. similar to you Mary…. and any others

[9:11] Second Wind: may be we could go for a range, small medium and large

[9:11] Buddy Sprocket: small – 30,000 pounds 6 months

[9:11] Schomer Simpson: I think we should be looking for more than one bid – ideally at least two large ones

[9:12] Buddy Sprocket: med. ~1 year

[9:12] audio Zenith: I agree

[9:12] Buddy Sprocket: large 2years + lots of people

[9:12] audio Zenith: yeah good Buddy

[9:12] Second Wind: small something v innovative

[9:12] Schomer Simpson: For my money I’d suggest that there needs to be a large bid around Sloodle and another one around …

[9:12] Second Wind: teaching and learning?

[9:12] audio Zenith: Distance Learning and populating into the wider community in remote geographical areas….

[9:13] Martin Pattle: How about Role Playing in an educational setting

[9:13] Schomer Simpson: Learning support – accessibility/inclusion

[9:13] Martin Pattle: Like the current games

[9:13] Corey Hauptmann: all sounds good – does one project need to look at feasibility of SL for teaching and learning in general?

[9:14] Woop Superior: I’d certainly like to see several large bids tabled, I believe the environment supports a diverse range of engagements and they need to be explored

[9:14] audio Zenith: Woop agreed

[9:14] Second Wind: me too

[9:14] Schomer Simpson: Let’s be honest – ÂŁ150K over three years isn’t going to go very far (once you’ve taken out FEC)!

[9:14] Corey Hauptmann: yes, no harm in 2 or 3 large bids ..

[9:15] Schomer Simpson: So hoping that several large bids will be successful

[9:15] Second Wind: 10 dats and an RA

[9:15] Schomer Simpson: ‘dats’?

[9:15] Second Wind: days

[9:15] audio Zenith: Lets face it, look at us all sitting here.. clearly it’s of major interest.

[9:16] Buddy Sprocket: Im very happy to see interest in Sloodle (obviously) but I’d certainly appreciate support from members with more experience in research and escpecially in securing funds! And Im not precious about being lead in a project like this

[9:16] Woop Superior: indeed audio, just within our organisation we recently had an SL get together of the eLearning Community, and as Schomer mentioned there is strong inter-departmental interest, clearly this meeting show the interest is very broad

[9:17] Schomer Simpson: The killer is going to be that we can show we will be able to deliver

[9:17] Schomer Simpson: Ideally we should be building on existing funding/activity (so showing institutioanl commitment)

[9:17] Corey Hauptmann: i’ve been working on ideas for a UK convention to bring us together in RL

[9:17] Scott Woollahra: I’d be interested in any project that links with external tools, which could be broader than just SLoodle

[9:17] Corey Hauptmann: have several interested parties already

[9:17] audio Zenith: Schomer , thats where we need the leads or “champions”

[9:18] Second Wind: other tools??

[9:18] Buddy Sprocket: oh at this point I should say… not a convention but I got the HEA to agree to fund a workshop on MMO’s in education a few months ago. the workshop should be in March

[9:18] Schomer Simpson: But not so many that the amount of money each of us gets is too small!

[9:18] Scott Woollahra: tools: e.g. CAD systems that are more powerful than any building tools in SL

[9:18] Buddy Sprocket: 22nd March – but wasnt expecting interest in SL to surge so much when I first arranged it

[9:18] Martin Pattle: Several presetnations at Online Educa concentrated on the Design element of on-line teaching, including gaming: the tools issue was secondary

[9:19] Schomer Simpson: Agree about linking tools – though I was thinking about wikis/forums/sl/bloggs/etc

[9:19] Woop Superior: Scott, is the problem with SL more to do with how objects are represented than how they are built?

[9:19] Buddy Sprocket: you are right schomer…

[9:19] Second Wind: shame you conf clashes with ICE3

[9:19] Buddy Sprocket: ooops

[9:19] Schomer Simpson: The CAL conferences is also near then …

[9:20] Buddy Sprocket: i didnt know about ICE3 till now…. find it hard to keep up with all the conferences

[9:20] Scott Woollahra: woop, the answer to your question is probably both. I haven’t really had a chance to look into this, but have an MSc student whose project in 2007 will be in this area

[9:21] Corey Hauptmann: so we need to keep in touch re conferences

[9:21] Corey Hauptmann: perhaps easier now that we have the group

[9:21] Buddy Sprocket: yes…

[9:21] Schomer Simpson: You will never avoid all the conferences – just need to make yours more sexy than the rest! ;O)

[9:21] Buddy Sprocket: lol…

[9:22] audio Zenith: Seems to me cross institutional bids may be the way forward if we can cut through the red tape..

[9:22] Schomer Simpson: We need to get a feel from Eduserve about what they want

[9:23] Buddy Sprocket: yes, problem is the deadling is the end of january, so I think people may need to write up ideas a little for later discussion

[9:23] Schomer Simpson: Cross institutional projects involve a lot more management – so need to have a clear rationale for what the benefits are

[9:23] Corey Hauptmann: agreed, and maybe take advantage or their meeting space (eduserve) for meetings

[9:23] Schomer Simpson: The initial call is quite short – and is really just getting a feel for who to shortlist

[9:23] Schomer Simpson: Those folk who get through stage 1 then have about another month to work up their bid

[9:24] Buddy Sprocket: I’ll create a page ont he simteach wiki perhaps? then post the details to the group?

[9:24] Geoff Magellan: Good idea.

[9:24] Buddy Sprocket: or would we prefer something with amore ccess controls?

[9:24] Corey Hauptmann: yes, please buddy, though there is a google group relating to this call – from the eduserve site

[9:25] Schomer Simpson: You are all welcome to use the schome community website (wiki + forum) to discuss this (and any other issues related to use of SL in ed)

[9:25] Buddy Sprocket: i forgot about that…. I’ll make it link

[9:25] Corey Hauptmann: … which one suits us better?

[9:25] Schomer Simpson: what’s the details of the google group?

[9:26] Schomer Simpson: schome community website is

[9:26] Corey Hauptmann: i do worry about info resources being disparate

[9:26] Schomer Simpson: Indeed – but that is the nature of web

[9:26] Buddy Sprocket: hang on I think I saw the google thing… looking

[9:26] audio Zenith: I say simteach is probably the best option

[9:26] Corey Hauptmann: found it from the eduserve site, will send link to group if you like

[9:26] Schomer Simpson: k

[9:26] Corey Hauptmann: and the simteach link tooo as a reminder

[9:26] Buddy Sprocket:

[9:27] Elsa Dickins: there’s very little in the google group

[9:27] Schomer Simpson: I suspect that many folk will not want to make their plans quite so public

[9:27] Corey Hauptmann: which reminds me – Davee Comerce is not here – but clearly interested

[9:27] Buddy Sprocket: I see Davee Commerce (aka Dave Taylor of NPL) has posted

[9:27] Buddy Sprocket: yup

[9:27] Schomer Simpson: We’re already working with him on another project (starting in Jan)

[9:28] audio Zenith: Schomer, it doesn’t have to be detailed plans, just outlines of intent?

[9:28] Schomer Simpson: Some folk are more open than others …

[9:29] Corey Hauptmann: welcome back asher,,,

[9:29] Multi Chair Coffee Table v1.0.39 (Blue and Black) whispers: Buddy Sprocket took a copy of the Multi Chair Help notecard.

[9:29] asher Hebert: thanks for keeping me updated with the conversation

[9:29] Buddy Sprocket: the short form IS very short

[9:30] Buddy Sprocket: “Please answer all the questions – the form can be extended to accommodate your text but should not exceed a total of two A4 pages when complete. “

[9:30] Buddy Sprocket: So two pages A4 is the limit.

[9:30] Woop Superior: indeed, just to get your foot in the door for the full Feb bid

[9:30] asher Hebert: thats enough

[9:30] Elsa Dickins: so it has to be to the point

[9:31] Corey Hauptmann: they probably have a good idea of what they are looking for…

[9:31] Woop Superior: I suspect you could be right there Corey

[9:31] Corey Hauptmann: as they mentioned SL specifically and the edu-content is what we are already part of

[9:31] asher Hebert: has anyone spoken to eduserve ioff or on the record re potential bids

[9:32] Schomer Simpson: I had a chat with Art – just to express interest – wasn’t that forthcoming

[9:32] Buddy Sprocket: not in any detail yet… just to get andy to agree to pop in to visit in world and answer questions that way

[9:32] nectar Evans is Offline

[9:32] Corey Hauptmann: we should not have to re-align our work to the bid so much as ensure it helps fund what is already going on

[9:32] asher Hebert: having andy around will be useful

[9:32] Schomer Simpson: Corey – spot on

[9:32] Buddy Sprocket: agreed and agreed

[9:32] Elsa Dickins: any idea when Buddy?

[9:33] Buddy Sprocket: let me check the date again… first thursday in the new year

[9:33] Buddy Sprocket: 4th.

[9:33] Corey Hauptmann: 4th

[9:33] Buddy Sprocket: 2.30pm uk time

[9:33] asher Hebert: 4th

[9:33] audio Zenith: Very good

[9:33] Elsa Dickins: thanks – where?

[9:33] Buddy Sprocket: tba 🙂

[9:33] Corey Hauptmann: good question

[9:33] asher Hebert: can use my meeting space if neede

[9:33] Schomer Simpson: We won’t all fit in their meeting pod!

[9:33] Buddy Sprocket: could be here again… or OU islands?

[9:33] audio Zenith: Here if you wish.

[9:33] Corey Hauptmann: no it only holds 8

[9:33] Buddy Sprocket: Id certainly prefer off mainland

[9:33] audio Zenith: Not a problem

[9:33] Schomer Simpson: Yes you can you SchomeBase if you wish

[9:34] asher Hebert: ah in that case my island wont be online by that date

[9:34] Buddy Sprocket: thanks audio, schomer

[9:34] Jacquie Sholokhov: or Cetlment

[9:34] You: The sim is locked down just to us right now 🙂

[9:34] asher Hebert: great audio 🙂

[9:35] audio Zenith: not that im exclusive or anything.. but …

[9:35] Buddy Sprocket: well one of those… I hate deciding

[9:35] Schomer Simpson: Anyone got a coin?

[9:35] Martin Pattle: (sorry, have to run backto RL: catch up with transcript later: bye)

[9:35] Corey Hauptmann: so do we need to firm up leads and topic areas

[9:35] asher Hebert: lol coin

[9:35] Jacquie Sholokhov: bye martin

[9:35] asher Hebert: we need an impressive lead organisation

[9:35] Schomer Simpson: I think we need to find out from the meeting on the 4th how big the overall pot is

[9:35] Buddy Sprocket: a coin with 3 sides?

[9:35] asher Hebert: OU?

[9:35] Jacquie Sholokhov: schomer – agreed

[9:36] Buddy Sprocket: Do you have a meeting space on schomebase yet?

[9:36] Schomer Simpson: Yes

[9:36] Schomer Simpson: Not as sophistcated as this mind you – but functional circular benches!

[9:36] audio Zenith: Once the 4th is done we will in a better position to firm up the themese.. then we can sub-divide into groups for head banging those.

[9:36] Corey Hauptmann: why not go there then – Schomebase – just for variation

[9:36] Buddy Sprocket: well I think it would be nice practice for meets of UK educators to rotate locations

[9:36] Schomer Simpson: In a nice transparent blue

[9:37] asher Hebert: yes buddy

[9:37] Woop Superior: agreed, it would be good to move to different spaces each meeting

[9:37] Buddy Sprocket: but thanks greatly to our host for today 🙂

[9:37] Corey Hauptmann: great lets try that then

[9:38] asher Hebert: i have a meeting space thahts availble too, low lag and acn be made explusive to the group as and when

[9:38] Buddy Sprocket: I’ll set up a page on simteach for discussion and put up some project titles/themes for people to attache their names too

[9:38] Corey Hauptmann: good idea Buddy

[9:38] audio Zenith: Good move Buddy…

[9:38] Buddy Sprocket: and schomer will send out a landmark for the next meeting location?

[9:38] Corey Hauptmann: we can keep in touch til then through the group, but at least we have made contact

[9:38] Schomer Simpson: OK

[9:38] Buddy Sprocket: for sure corey

[9:39] David Kostolany is Offline

[9:39] Buddy Sprocket: Im going to be offline for much of next week… family trip to the mother in laws 🙂

[9:39] audio Zenith: And people lets not be too shy at using the groups… in the interim period..:)

[9:39] Schomer Simpson: Buddy will you tell Art where teh meeting is (once I’ve given you the landmark)?

[9:39] Corey Hauptmann: did wonder how the holiday timing suits…

[9:39] Buddy Sprocket: for sure schomer

[9:39] asher Hebert: its gonna be tight Corey

[9:39] Woop Superior: yes, busy time of year

[9:40] asher Hebert: butgetting these bids right ..makes uit worth it

[9:40] Corey Hauptmann: but we have til end of jan to submit initial ideas, so no panick

[9:40] Corey Hauptmann: kkkkk

[9:40] audio Zenith: Ok so a good result today..

[9:41] Caspian Bosen is Offline

[9:41] Buddy Sprocket: great, I think that was a fairly productive hour in SL 🙂

[9:41] Schomer Simpson: Hey Corey are you giving Skipper a back rub?

[9:41] audio Zenith: We made contact, have a venue for next meet, and list of ideas on simteach.

[9:41] Woop Superior: indeed, good to see everyone online and interested

[9:41] Tara Tagore is Offline

[9:41] asher Hebert: there could be more attendees for these meetings?

[9:41] Corey Hauptmann: lol, wasnt watching

[9:41] Corey Hauptmann: sorry skip

[9:41] Schomer Simpson: lol

[9:41] asher Hebert: we could use voice next time, Skype?

[9:41] Scott Woollahra: yes, this was not a good time for a meeting. I expect more will be there in January

[9:42] Schomer Simpson: Or ventrillo?

[9:42] audio Zenith: Buddy I’ll forward the transcript to you?

[9:42] asher Hebert: ventrillo yep

[9:42] Buddy Sprocket: that is a point… to find out if art (and everyone here) will be able to use skype or ventrillo or whatever

[9:42] Geoff Magellan: Voice would be good.

[9:42] asher Hebert: can we post the transcript on SLED

[9:42] Corey Hauptmann: dont have ventrillo yet – may need some clues for that but have Skype

[9:42] Jacquie Sholokhov: can skype handle that many people?

[9:42] audio Zenith: Skype conference might be good..

[9:42] asher Hebert: conferencing should on skype

[9:42] Elsa Dickins: got to go, see you all later

[9:42] asher Hebert: yes audio

[9:43] asher Hebert: bye E;sa

[9:43] Kaveh Smirnov: I think skype does up to 10

[9:43] Buddy Sprocket: yup will read the skype small print

[9:43] Schomer Simpson: Ventrillo can cope with up to 50 (lol)

[9:43] Woop Superior: I can easily see us exceeding 10

[9:43] audio Zenith: Definately…

[9:43] asher Hebert: thought i read upto 100 on skype conference. allegedly

[9:43] Buddy Sprocket: and double check…else need either ventrillo or for art to get shoutcast up and running!

[9:43] Schomer Simpson: There is skypecast – which copes with one to many audio

[9:43] Geoff Magellan: Skype conf is 5 I think, with up to 10 on latest beta.

[9:43] Kaveh Smirnov: Is veltrillo free?

[9:43] Jacquie Sholokhov: or vivox maybe? Not tried that

[9:44] Schomer Simpson: not the same as skype conference (many to many)

[9:44] Jacquie Sholokhov: for a conference

[9:44] Kaveh Smirnov: Vivox does not support mac

[9:44] asher Hebert: ok

[9:44] Jacquie Sholokhov: rats

[9:44] Schomer Simpson: Vent is free – Linden Pathfinder provides a server we can use

[9:44] Corey Hauptmann: we may end up excluding people

[9:44] asher Hebert: not good for me then Kaveh

[9:44] audio Zenith: I have shoutcast server.. thogh this is singular I think… for transmission that is…..(might be good for the eduserv chat)

[9:44] asher Hebert: yes is that still going Schomer

[9:44] Kaveh Smirnov: yeh, I’m mac too

[9:44] Schomer Simpson: Yes

[9:44] Woop Superior: the last thing I’d want to see is people excluded for any reason

[9:44] Schomer Simpson: Vent works with Mac too

[9:44] Corey Hauptmann: maybe we just need a tight agenda for discussion trhough chat

[9:45] asher Hebert: execellent

[9:45] audio Zenith: Me too

[9:45] asher Hebert: I have a feeling that this uk gorup and its projects could be a real force for change in SL edu

[9:45] Buddy Sprocket: ill make that a to do, audio if you have a server and andy powell can get shoutcast dsp up and running, then we can ask in type and get answers in audio…

[9:45] You: Yep an agenda with a chair

[9:45] Schomer Simpson: I think sticking to chat would be safer (danger of the technology getting in the way if we rely on audio)

[9:45] audio Zenith: correct Buddy

[9:45] Buddy Sprocket: always good to have back up 🙂

[9:46] Corey Hauptmann: anyohne tried the virtual chair ?

[9:46] Kaveh Smirnov: Try audio, with chat backup

[9:46] asher Hebert: ah Corey have heard some good things about that

[9:46] Buddy Sprocket: which chair corey? the one with the hands up?

[9:46] Geoff Magellan: Could do an audio test with a few people first.

[9:46] Corey Hauptmann: saw that eduseve have one in their meeting room

[9:46] Buddy Sprocket: reminds me angrybeth is also interested

[9:46] Corey Hauptmann: yes, she may have some solutions to this

[9:46] Buddy Sprocket: she has an art background, but has made some great edu gadgets in SL

[9:47] Kaveh Smirnov: We could do trial sound if anyone has something going before then

[9:47] Corey Hauptmann: art background…but …. hmmm you academics ! lol

[9:47] asher Hebert: LOL

[9:47] audio Zenith: hehe

[9:47] audio Zenith: Don’t take it Corey

[9:47] Buddy Sprocket: sorry… i mean she does teach art afaik

[9:47] You: 🙂

[9:47] Geoff Magellan: Could also use dedicated meeting software, instead of SL!

[9:47] Buddy Sprocket: at art school level

[9:48] Buddy Sprocket: not meaning it derogatory at all!

[9:48] Corey Hauptmann: heheh

[9:48] asher Hebert: hmmm we should try to use SL

[9:48] Woop Superior: I agree, walk the walk

[9:48] Buddy Sprocket: ive got a comp background and my gadgets never look as good as hers 🙂

[9:48] Schomer Simpson: G2G – BFN

[9:48] Buddy Sprocket: or work as well usu 🙂

[9:48] asher Hebert: LOL Buddy, painful isnt it

[9:48] Jacquie Sholokhov: bye schomer

[9:48] Woop Superior: cheers Schomer

[9:48] asher Hebert: Bye Schomer

[9:49] Corey Hauptmann: catch u soon schomer

[9:49] Buddy Sprocket: right Im going to go too… I’ll cut the last dozen lines from the log

————— end