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I grew up in Falmouth and have quite literally grown up on Falmouth Boats in so many ways, more ways than I can recount in a small post.

OK, so I also own boats, but even before I owned Falmouth boats I was in and out of every type of boat you can imagine. I’ve sailed on working boats, dinghies, been on tugs, fishing boats, speedboats, oil tankers, barges, gin palaces, Royal Navy ships, enormous factory ships and even deep sea trawling, you name it I’ve had my fill of boats in Falmouth.

Why am I posting this? I guess I’m just keeping you informed about me and seeing as I’m mostly hanging out in Falmouth these days you ought to get in touch and come and have a ride in one of my Falmouth boats.

This business had really been of very special value to me in understanding offline and online marketing and the blended approach. I will in due course write a case study about what has worked and what has not. Essentially, this business has increased its value by a significant amount and I’m delighted by that, it’s now a turn-key business and a very attractive lifestyle business.

Raising the profile of the web presence of this Falmouth Boats business has been absolutely monumental in increasing the turn-over significantly without a huge associated expenditure in marketing. It’s pretty much been a search optimisation success and now ranking for all required keywords in our niche. There have been some other very important tactics I have put in place, but more of that later when I write the case study.

If you’re tempted to know more, grab my newsletter and you’ll be pointed somewhere along the road to this success story where I’ll share all the juicy details of how I’ve increased the value 10 fold.