Facebook hover card

Use the hover card in facebook to tell everyone what you do


Facebook as a business tool has proven to be highly useful to me, I repeatedly have obtained new business through my personal social network.

When I joined facebook (about 07) I went to the platform for one reason only – to secure business connections and opportunities. That hasn’t change at all over the years, it is still my number one point of using the portal. In fact in the early years of facebook use all of my “friends” were people I had not met in real-life, but were a result of virtual relationships, people I had met virtually either through my first Internet start-up (an online school), or through some other cyber touch point.

It is only more recently that real-life relationships, perhaps those from school, or people living locally to me have become a part of my personal network.

It is OK to think of it as a personal network too, and not get hung up about that, it is YOUR network to do with as you see fit. Naturally if you think business and pleasure should not mix then this post is probably not going to hit the mark for you. However, if like me you see very little distinction between then two then read on.

When you have websites as part of your sales funnel, marketing channel etc, you will likely be aware of analytics, or web statistics, or YOU REALLY SHOULD BE.

In recent times if you look at your analytics for say a Facebook Page you might notice referrals coming from a “Hover Card”.

What is a hover card?

When you view facebook and see someone has liked something, you can hover your mouse over their name and up pops a little window about them – This should be a light bulb moment. This is your chance to tell the World what it is you do, what you want unknowns, strangers, people that are not friends with you already, to know exactly what it is you do. This is facebook’s version of a business card, and it works well too!

How do I do it?

You can simply pop along to your facebook profile and edit your work information. Enter in what it is you do in the work field. BUT, be creative. For example you might know what “widget inc” does and services, but I can tell you for sure most other people will not, so here is your chance to explain that to them. Describe what you DO.

That’s all for now.

Happy facebooking.