I’m packing up shop here in Milan this week and moving back to UK to be semi-based around London, this has been in the plans for about 6 months and here we are at the start of the big trip.

The other half will be flying out of Malpensa with a couple large suitcases and I’ll be driving in my BMW with a buddy from Cremona.

I’m excited about the road trip in many ways, not least cause it’s fairly long and allows for an extended forced period of reflection.

The route will see us leaving south Milan around 08:00 GMT +2 270705, driving up through the White Mountain, Mont Blanc if French, Monte Bianco if Italian, then heading north for Calais. We should be arriving into Calais sometime in the evening where we’ll sleep up for the night.

I’ll probably be blogging pictures of the journey by using my T610 phone cam and loading them directly on The Phone Cam. (edit: could have been Instagram)

Thursday morning will be sweet as we will take the ferry and arrive around noonish in Dover and then drive down the south coast and hang out in Cornwall for august. More later.