The other day a friend said they’d like to see me strumming, and well, I had to think for a sec if I had any footage of me doing that. It turns out I don’t really, I have some older tunes from various bands I’ve been in laying around but no video, well some very old VHS video with me oozing in my tight leather trousers!

However, I did find this recent clip which I shot with my phone a few months back when I was testing out the phone to blog service on The Phone Cam.

It’s an E Major shredding moment, with a bluesy twist on the end.

It has now dawned on me I should make a few video clips of me playing a tune or two, I might make some classical ones, which is what my heart feels like playing these days, well maybe I do love shredding too, but I’m starting to love my nylon strings again.