e-Learning key to HR development: “RAPID development of human resources, a pre-requisite of the 21st century can be achieved through e-Learning, said Dr Sam Pitroda, CEO C-SAM, in his address on the second day of the E-ducation Without Borders 2005 conference in the capital.

He noted that e-Learning could be employed as a tool to open horizons, harness knowledge and re-engineer decades-old antiquated processes in education, health services, governance and so on.

To succeed e-Learning should focus on five key aspects like access, content, localisation, early adopters and mindset, he said.

‘Each of these aspects require new multi-disciplinary approach to change the educational ecosystem.’

He said proper access would require not only availability of computer hardware, network, bandwidth and so on, but also appropriate legal framework to guarantee right to information.

Content will have to be relevant such that ‘education will have to be entertaining and entertainment will have to be educational.’ “