When it comes to UK content marketing, a lot of attention is given to things like strong social media presence and good UK website development. But sometimes the more mundane things really matter, and a good email is one of those things. In particular, the subject line should be given some extra attention. It’s easy to overlook just how important a good email subject line is, but the fact of the matter is that your subject line will determine whether or not a recipient even bothers to open the letter and read its content.

To ensure that your emails actually get read, there are a few things you should always avoid when it comes to the email subject line.

For starters, don’t use the following words: Percent Off, Reminder, and Help. These words have been shown in studies to reduce the odds that the email will be opened. Also, the word ‘Free’ or similar words to it will usually trigger spam filters and send your email to the spam folder without ever being seen.

Don’t ignore localisation in favour of personalisation. Using a first or last name doesn’t help as much as just including a bit of localisation in the subject. Dropping a city name can often improve open rates significantly, while a name will have little impact.

Don’t use a subject line that’s too long. Most research has shown that 50 characters or less is the best for general newsletters. You can go a bit longer for targeted specialised audiences, but shorter and simpler is usually better.

Information is important, however. Simple is good, but don’t be too vague or most readers will assume the message isn’t worth bothering with.

Additionally, know your readers and target accordingly. Mention the things that will most interest them in the subject line to pique their interest and ensure that they actually open it. Don’t try to ‘bury the lead’, in other words.

Finally, don’t use all caps or poor grammar. In most cases, all-caps subject lines with poor grammar and misspellings will get ignored immediately – if they’re not automatically sent to the spam folder.

Remember these basic tips and you’ll have much better results creating compelling emails with subject lines that actually get them opened. It’s an important part of UK content marketing success, and shouldn’t be ignored.

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