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The definition of a social media manager is broad and personal and is what you want it to be.

Don’t ever be pigeon holed to earn by definitions…

For example below is a list of 13 leads that have landed into a builders inbox.

I sent these leads using Google PPC and a beautiful created (highly simple) landing page funnel that converts.

The costs for this to the builder is 1200 bucks per month (this includes my service fee and the couple hundred bucks ad spend).

So to keep the math simple the builder gets a prospect (highly warm, almost red hot) for an appointment for about 100 bucks. (13 prospects in this current list).

If you look at the job list here that has been requested for a quote it amounts to over $1,000,000 worth of jobs (one quote is for development of 5 homes!!!) Even just one of these jobs landed would cover the cost he has spent with me multiple times over.

It works because people are actively seeking something on Google, they have pain they want fixed. It also works because he sells a product for a chunk of change, so do Life Insurance companies and Dentists… Etc..

This is wrapped up under the banner of social media because in the clients mind it is all social media to him.. and that’s a great way to get work…

You know “yes I do social media, what you need?”….

I am only posting this here to help you realise there are multiple ways to generate income as a “social media manager”…. Do not get pigeon holed by definitions.

You may not want to run ads for clients and that’s fine, but believe me it’s low maintenance and highly profitable for you and your client.

Hope it is useful, join my FB Group if this interests you..