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I’ve just caught a friend’s tweet, he created a small mobile video clip during his queuing at the local re-cycling centre.

This brought back into my mind one of my “issues”, and I know it is mine: Shitty Councils, or is it top-down misdirected policy?

Ok so firstly, is recycling a good thing?

I’m not sure, I’m not qualified enough to fully understand the life-cycle of a material, neither am I aware of how much impact we may well have on the environment if we do take part in the now soon to be punishable activity (for not being a “goodun”). I mean serious you can’t fart around here anymore without someone saying it’s the wrong pitch.

I don’t think I’m alone in thinking this, and surely there are some quality statistics around which might or might nor prove or disprove this concept but let me put this to you, you know, as a layman that I am.

If everyone in my street gets into their car once a week to drive 5 miles to a recycle centre and then back again, are we not merely adding a shit load of pollution back into the environment? AND is that accumulative quantity of carbon monoxide counter-acting all the “do-gooding” we are engaging in by flocking like new age eco-warriors down to the centre?

Doesn’t it make more sense to have one truck visit our urban areas and collect the bloody stuff they are so keen on re-mashing? Isn’t that far less pollution? It’s not like we have a great service around here for all the various items we are constantly told we should recycle, why not?

I recall living in Milan 3 years ago in a shared complex (typical in many parts of Europe) where we had ample coloured bins a “stone’s throw away”. It was simple for all the 1000 or so inhabitants to walk to waste bins and self-dump into the hungry receivers, and turn our backs safe in the knowledge the world was a better place.

So why do I have to do this in UK, the driving and queuing? Added to that why does my council only provide me with one “wet bin”, and one collection once a week?

It is this type of shitty service, or “employee of the state” I am currently struggling with.

What’s your thoughts?

AND, as I almost hit post, UK is a minute fraction of the world, how is it done in China, Indian, or USA?

Neville’s Vid.. p.s. I know it’s complex, but you know “pet hate”.