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So I found this on view tube.

It’s absolutely amazing and made me chuckle so much that I wanted to share it with you to make you chuckle too.

It’s quite a bizarre title “criminal penguins” but when you have a closer look at the video you’ll see just how naughty one of these penguins is, he really is a criminal penguin.

I suppose we could draw lots of parallels with people maybe. Perhaps you do lots of hard work sometimes and maybe sometimes your stuff gets stolen. Or maybe even you’re the naughty penguin. Perhaps you’re the criminal, perhaps you’re the one that takes the stones from other people. If you are you should be very very ashamed of yourself, stealing other people’s hard work is very much a criminal activity.

Anyway, I found it hilarious though I really do feel very sorry for the poor penguin who is working so hard to build his nest.