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More small businesses are starting up around the UK than ever before. The increased global access to internet and computer technologies is allowing for industry to progress with less start up costs and overheads, since much of the storefront can take on a virtual address.

Even businesses that have a traditional brick and mortar basis are converting to a click and brick model by incorporating online store fronts as well, in order to drive greater business and to reach a wider customer base. For small businesses in the UK, website design is one of the first steps to founding, building, and growing the dream of commercial independence.

Starting A Start-up

The most common use of a website as a marketplace is for small businesses that wish to cut down the cost of overhead. An online address has a far lower “rent” than an actual storefront, and this can often allow for owners to put that capital into the product that they are moving. Service oriented trades can even operate from a commercially zoned home location or create a subscription based clientele for consultations where face to face contact is not always necessary. This opens up access possibilities in two regards; small businesses are no longer fettered by physical location and they are also not limited by the associated operational costs thereof.

Addresses, Virtual And Otherwise

For entrepreneurs in the UK website design can become as much of a driving force as a shop location. Just as with a physical office, an address can make a difference. Some websites never get the traffic that they should because the site is either not memorable in appearance or the web address is difficult to remember and seemingly unrelated to the company. Designs need to be visually stimulating, but not confusing, so that customers are aware of products and services without becoming overwhelmed.

The site also needs to make sense in terms of navigation. Sites that have too many links, a poor search feature, or links that all return to limited pages, can drive customers away even if they are interested in what a company has to offer. The blueprint for a website design should flow in the same way that a physical shop does, with attention to organization and adequate displays that allow for products and services to be understood.

Building And Maintaining

Some intrepid business owners are determined to stay in control of every aspect of the company, and while this may seem like a good idea initially, it can pose problems over time. Many people have a working knowledge of html and javascript, and are able to lay out the groundwork for a workable website to promote and grow their business. The issue arises as the website needs to be maintained. Constant upkeep can take many owners away from the actual focus of the business and cause both the site presentation and the quality of the work they offer to suffer. To this end, working cooperatively with a third party for website designs can not only create an efficient and productive marketing medium, but can also take the stress of staying current with technical issues off the plate of the business owner. Also note that by becoming a member of the Cornwall Trade Network, you open up a variety of local business growth and marketing support initiatives, and have networking opportunities that could help you find just the people to create your ideal website.

For business owners who want to focus more on their business and less on creating their own website, Audana has website and digital marketing monthly service plans available for small to medium sized businesses.

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